Divorce Ceremonies A Real Thing In Japan

asian couple talking separately on cell phones
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The nation of Japan brings us more weird news in the world of breakups.

As a people, we're really good at celebrating beginnings, and figuring out enough about most endings that we can eke out some kind of celebration. Weddings, bar mitzvahs and naming ceremonies are fun, and pretty easy to enjoy. Funerals are life affirming, and Irish wakes are boisterous. Graduations are bittersweet. But very few of us are willing to publicly make a to-do about the failure of a marriage (though you'd guess Elin Nordegren will be doing a pretty rowdy jig if she gets even a fraction of the $750 million she's requesting from her split with Tiger Woods).

In Japan, however, couples aren't super-used to divorce being a practical way to end a marriage (seppuku and suffering were generally the paths of least resistance). But certain changes in pension allocation have made divorce much more popular in the land of the rising sundae. And, given their newfound appreciation for divorce, we can probably forgive their exuberance as they've begun having actual ceremonies for these divorces. Per the Toronto Sun, a fellow who goes by the name Hiroki Terai opened a place called a "divorce mansion," and started banging out divorce ceremonies last year. Welcome to Japan’s 'Don't Divorce Me Club'

For $600, a couple can gather a bunch of friends and family, ride a rickshaw, walk up to an altar and bang a set of rings with a frog-headed hammer... pretty standard stuff. The Sun references the relief that a couple feels as they go through the symbolism of dissolving their marriage. "With this frog-hammer, I thee divorce," and so forth.

Any thoughts on whether this would work in the USA? Would this be the collaborative-est divorce ever?