Don't Let A "Sexting" Typo Ruin Your Holiday

Sexting Timmy Gordon

How sexting your sweetie can turn bad.

Very recently, I shared with you an interesting study: 20 percent of people have accidentally sexted the wrong person. (Reminder: Sexting is a portmanteau of "sex" and "texting," and is defined as the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs to a mobile telephone.)  1 In 5 People Have Sexted The Wrong Person

Think of that time you accidentally said, "I love you" to a friend on the phone, and multiply that embarrassment by a vuvuzella's worth. This is how you would feel if you sent a detailed description of what you would like to do to a sex partner’s baby-making parts to a co-worker, family member or respected community leader. Now Freud was reputed to have said that there are no mistakes when it comes to sex stuff, but sometimes I think there are just too many Jessicas in my phone.

Almost worse than sending the right message to the wrong person, however, is sending the wrong message to the right person. Between carelessness, stubby fingers and predictive/corrective text, there are ample opportunities to say, "I can't wait to be inside you” when you mean "I can't wait to be beside you."

So do yourself a favor and check your text twice before punching "Send" this holiday season. I know the nog is going to be flowing like sand through an hourglass, but let's all be a little bit more responsible. You may save someone a little embarrassment, and save someone else a very sexy (or even gross) visual.

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