Enquirer Wants Us To Believe Jeremy Renner Is Gay

Jeremy Renner

Hollywood's always-spinning gay rumor roulette stops this month on Jeremy Renner!

Can't a nice, single boy take his mama to the Oscars without people immediately assuming he's gay? Apparently not, especially if those "people" work for The National Enquirer. In the past few months, Best Actor nominee Jeremy Renner was a hot topic. As one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, everyone wanted to know who he was dating, and there were plenty of rumored love interests named, including Charlize Theron and Jessica Simpson. Who Will Be Jeremy Renner's Oscar Date?

But since Jeremy doesn't seem to be dating anyone publicly, the Enquirer has decided to go the old, tried-and-true "maybe he's gay" route. Jeremy should probably feel honored, because the tabloids don't toss around gay rumors about just anyone—only attractive, single, successful men. Occasionally, these rumors turn out to be true, but usually they're nothing but speculation. So, how did Jeremy set off the Enquirer's gaydar? Take a look:

His close pals say that in real life, Renner is a sensitive mama’s boy who prefers makeup to guns and is dying to star in a musical! As a song-and-dance man, with an affinity for show tunes, Jeremy has said that if things don’t work out him as an actor, he’ll become a makeup artist because he has a passion for that field.

One of the main criteria for casting him as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (in 2002’s Dahmer) was that he was an actor comfortable filming homoerotic scenes. A pal says: 'Jeremy told the producers specifically that he had no problem acting gay.'

Oh no! An actor who isn't afraid to act! And the musical thing? Seriously, how lame. The tabs have also been trying to prove for years that John Travolta and Hugh Jackman are gay, just because they can—gasp—dance and sing. It's a ridiculous stereotype. But if Jeremy does turn out to be gay, would it matter? Would that make his performance in The Hurt Locker any less riveting? Celebrities On 2010's Gaydar

Scoop via Celebitchy. Photo via Juan Rico/Fame Pictures.

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