5 Surefire Ways To Say No To Sex

5 ways to avoid sex

If you aren't in the mood for sex but want to spare his ego, here are 5 ways to say no.

There comes a time in every girl's life where we find ourselves in a heavy (but not so hot) sexual situation. Namely, we just don't want to do it. At times this mysterious anti-sex aversion doesn't make any kind of logical sense.

We'll rationalize that he smells fine, has bought us five dinners and seems to be in decent shape, so surely we should want to sleep with him, right? Yet the harsh reality? Nothing would make us happier then to read a book, alone, fully clothed in our own apartment—and we'd like to leave now. While our convictions might be strong, some of us ladies have an annoying tendency to bend our own wishes to mesh more easily with his. Our motives for doing this are two-fold, we're empathetic, want to protect his ego and we'd like a harmonious post-date atmosphere.  Sex Does A Body Good

Here are 5 no-fail tips that will get you home to Malcolm Gladwell's latest while sparing your man's feelings.

1.) It's a super heavy flow period day. Yeah, this is the mother of all excuses and can only be used once per month, naturally. But boy does it work like a charm! Throw in some flowery descriptions about cramps, nausea and super-plus tampons and you'll be home watching that Real Housewives marathon in no time. Month When People Most "In the Mood"

2.) I'm waiting on test results. You don't like to have any kind of sex with anyone until you've received a clean bill of health. No, no—condoms don't make the sex safe. Your best friend contracted HPV from protected sex and, come to think of it, you'd like him to get tested for the full round of STDs, too. But you really should really break it off with him before he jumps through all the hoops. STDs and Sex

3.) I'm on this allergy medication that kills my sex drive. Your body has developed this weird reaction to a medication you take to combat (insert seasonal allergy here) and it makes sex near to impossible. There isn't any use in trying. It's embarrassing, you really don't want to talk about it but you should be off the pills soon.

4.) I think I might have food poisoning. This is wonderful if you've just returned from dinner. This may take some introductory acting class-type of skills—clutching stomach, groaning, perhaps some dashing to the bathroom with the water running, etc. Date Movies Men Like

5.) Tell him the truth. It's OK to sugarcoat a rejection, especially if his ego seems thin as a candy shell in of itself. Otherwise, "I'm just not in the mood right now," "I like you, but I'm not ready," or "You're great, but I'm sensing our MHC genes are not a good match," are all acceptable, honest answers that will ultimately help him move on faster and teach him a thing or two (about life, love and science) in the meantime.