Single Parents Are Sexy, Too!

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The Bachelor and other TV shows bring the single parent dating experience to the masses.

For all of its ridiculous moments*, last night's episode of The Bachelor made us realize one thing: the single parent experience is growing increasingly mainstream. Jason, the bachelor and single dad in question, has 10 remaining women on the show; two of them are single mothers, and all of them are crazy for his divorced self.

The latest US census showed single parent homes have held steady at around 9 percent of all households for the past fifteen years. Meanwhile, the increase in popularity of online dating and the prevalance of divorce have made dating with children a common occurrence. In our not-so-distant past, unmarried or divorced parents risked facing judgment from the state, society and religious institutions.

A 2002 Dayton Business Journal article looked at the workplace discrimination single parents face, often losing promotions or job opportunities because of their status.

Before any warm fuzzies are handed out, you're booted out of the office building. Why? Because this business doesn't hire single moms. They're too much trouble. They take a lot of time off work and make the company's health insurance premiums skyrocket.

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