10 TV Characters For Your Bachelorette Party

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These TV characters will turn your bachelorette party inside-out.

Last week I gave you a rundown of who the best television characters to invite to a bachelor party are. Bachelor party invites are a sacred responsibility, but bachelorette party invitations are an even riskier proposition. One crabby invitee can ruin the whole deal. And one snub can threaten to bring down the whole wedding. But these following 10 TV characters would be great additions to any bachelorette party. Some are of the throw-back-a-shot, ride-a-mechanical-bull variety and some may surprise you.

Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother): Robin is as close as the show has to a female Barney. She can hold her booze and looks out for her friends. And is more or less drama-free despite being afraid of the dark (like most Canadians). Has a slight weakness for paunchy, balding failed musicians.

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (Battlestar Galactica): Starbuck is the baddest pilot in the Colonial Fleet. She can also drink and play cards with the best of 'em. She can provide security for even the drunkest gang of girls. There is a chance, though, that she's going to punch someone or fall in love with the wrong guy. And coordinating her shore leave from the Galactica may be a pain.

Lois Griffin (Family Guy): Lois does her best to keep the Peter from destroying the family, the house and the town of Quahog, to varying levels of success. And she seems to keep her 3 kids in line while staying cool. In fact, she took Meg (stupid Meg) on spring break and was the life of the party. She may be a little preoccupied with what’s going on at home while she everyone else tries to have fun at Chip N Dales.

Nancy Botwin (Weeds): Nancy is the coolest, drug-dealingest mamasita in all of Agrestic, CA if not all of SoCal. In addition to moving pounds of pot and kilos of other assorted narcotics, she seems irresistible to the menfolk. She's incredibly loyal as she remains friends with Celia despite being sold out constantly. The only problem is that she may get shot at or kidnapped at any moment.

Tyra Collette (Friday Night Lights): Like her ex-boyf Timmy Riggins, Tyra would be an excellent addition to any bachelorette party. Her intimate knowledge of the exotic dance business would help the bachelorette group from looking like a bunch of amateurs. Like many of the gals on this list, she doesn't get along with lots of women.

Margene Heffman (Big Love): Bill Henrickson's 3rd wife is a young ball of fire. While she ‘s adheres closely to the tenets of the LDS church and a bit on the naïve side, she’s also open-minded. Despite her youth, she'd be a good "fun mom" for any bachelorette party. Check out her blog and tell me she's not delightful. Can't, can ya?

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