6 TV Guys We'd Like To Date

tv guys we want to date
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Dating dry spell? Find a sexy single every night of the week on the small screen.

OK, so the guys aren't lining up around the block, and perhaps you find yourself at home—in front of the television. Rest assured, there are plenty of single guys on TV to sink your teeth into. So grab the remote, settle in, and find a great guy that will never cancel on you (um, unless the network steps in…).

Sunday: Patrick Jane, The Mentalist (CBS, 9 PM). Played by Simon Baker, Jane is a weird, quirky never-plays-by-the-rules kind of guy who serves as a consultant to California Bureau of Investigation. He's like Monk—but extremely attractive.

Monday: Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries (The CW, 9PM). Everyone seems to want to date his brother, but we're more interested in the dark, brooding (and sometimes evil) older sibling (pictured, far left). Vampires Make Better Boyfriends

Tuesday: Ted Crisp, Better Off Ted (ABC, 9:30 PM). Despite working for a corporate monstronsity, Ted's always looking to take the high road and make things right. And we can't resist his sweet flirtations with Linda.

Wednesday: Matthew Campbell, The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS, 8 PM). If you happen to be able to see the best qualities behind the geek, Matthew's for you. Awkward, good-natured, bumbling—but overall, a good catch for his quick wit and smarts. (Note: We would have suggested the entire cast of Friday Night Lights, but it's only on DirectTV—and that, unfortunately, doesn't count—at least not for us New Yorkers. Boo, DirectTV!) 3 Handy Love Lessons From TV's 'Old Christine'

Thursday: Peter Bishop, Fringe (Fox, 9 PM). Joshua Jackson. Enough said. 'Fringe': TV's Sexiest New Non-Couple

Friday: Rent a video, perhaps go out with friends, even catch up on DVRed shows. There is nothing worth drooling over on Friday nights.

Saturday: Richard Castle, Castle (ABC, 10 PM). Nathan Fillion plays a sexy, smart-ass mystery author who is always ready to flirt—and solve crimes.

Which TV hottie do you love to tune into? Tell us below!

Photo: cwtv.com