Jessica Simpson Officially Dating Billy Corgan

Jessica Simposn loves Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins frontman enjoys a deep spiritual connection to Jessica.

What's weirder? The fact that Billy Corgan is "officially dating" Jessica Simpson, or the fact that he was somewhat non-officially dating Tila Tequilla before? Tough call.

After months of secretly crushing on Billy Corgan, frontman of the premier 90s alt rock band Smashing Pumpkins, Jessica Simpson, 29, has apparently landed the 42-year-old as boyfriend du jour.

That's right, boyfriend du jour. Friends of Jessica are playing down Billy as "just another in an endless string of Jessica's boyfriends," with E! news reporting that "they think he's too old for her. No one takes any of her boyfriends seriously anymore because she has had so many. They're sick of all of them being 'the one.' "

But perhaps they are wrong about this one.

For months now, the unlucky-in-love pop star has said she felt there was a deep connection between the two of them, tweeting this September: "My friend, Billy Corgan, has a pure and enlightening outlook on faith. Go to his new website! God is Love."

She twittered about Billy again in November, just a few days after profoundly connecting with him at a mutual friend's November 6th party. There, according to Ok! Magazine,

"Things got more intense and they talked with their faces just inches apart. She has completely fallen for Billy and his easygoing, smart attitude,"a close friend of Jess said. "She says she wants to take things a lot further." [Source: OK Magazine]

And take things further they did. Although reps for both have yet to comment on the budding romance, friends are somewhat reluctantly confirming to E! news that the unlikely pair consider themselves "officially dating." Once again, friends say, "she has fallen hard and is smitten."

Photo via Fame picture. Scoop via E!.