Hugh Grant Has Babies On The Brain

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The "Did You Hear About The Morgans?" star is talking about having children.

When you think confirmed bachelor, you automatically think "Hugh Grant character," right? After which, you think, "Hey! Isn't Hugh Grant a bachelor in real life too? Sometimes life imitates art, right right?" Well, your second instinct is right on the enchilada, Hugh Grant does seem like a man who appreciates his space, his time and his options. But that may be in the past now. Read: Some Men Think They’re Better Off Alone

Hugh Grant as "complex bloke" who is "unlikely to take a wife" may not be as rock solid a bet as once thought. Per Parade magazine, the man who may be typecast is not as averse to commitment and kids as we were once led to believe. Read: Hugh Grant Is A Make-Out Champ

The buttoned-up, golf-loving Briton answers, "Yes, yes, yes" to the questions "Do you want children?" and "Do you think you will have children?" He then gives his theory about American-style helicopters parents and his assertion that they do their children a disservice with their cloying and possibly add a degree of difficulty to future relationships (hey, we Americans love a challenge and don't mind divorce too-too much). Read: Hugh Grant: Golf Is My Girlfriend

Currently, it's not known whom Hugh Grant is dating and how quick-like the 49-year old actor can get on with his baby-making but you can guess it will be done with a bit of stammering and an impish smile. Read: Self-Deprecating Humor Works

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley dated for 13 years, 5 of which were after his "indiscretion" with LA hooker Divine Brown. She had a baby with Steve Bing after a year of non-exclusive dating and married Arun Nayar after 4 years (and change) of dating. Maybe it was for the best that they didn't marry or procreate, lots of growth (and golf) in the last decade. 

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