Dating tips for women

Dating tips for women

1. Learn to submit to a man who you intend on being in a relationship with. If he values you, he will respect your input, but ultimately he will have the final say. This is because he bears the responsibility for the relationship.

2. Put out: A really great way to lose a man is to withhold sex. Lots of girls like to hold sex over a man's head as relationship leverage. That will work with lesser men who have zero manhood. But attractive men have OPTIONS. They don't need to be held hostage by ONE vagina when there are millions of vaginas in the world.

Your man's penis is as valuable to him as your emotions are to you-- if you take care of it, he will take care of you. If you neglect it, he will look for a woman who can get the job done right.

3. Be open to meeting men: There are lots of men around. But women don't understand the word: OPPORTUNITY. Instead, women like to plan. They like to have every detail of their lives mapped out ahead of time. This stems from a childish impulse to control everything and provides women with a false sense of security. This is especially detrimental to relationships since women are not designed to exercise such control. As a result, women shoot themselves in the foot by neglecting the many opportunities they have to meet men.

The worst thing you can do is narrow your meeting opportunities down to bars and clubs. Be ready for romance in the supermarket aisle, the book store, blockbuster, saying hello on the beach or at a cross walk.

Women place too much emphasis on Disney fairytales about how to meet a man properly. This only undermines the myraid opportunities they have. Often all it requires is a pleasant smile and a willingness to explore a friendly invitation to conversation.

If a man initiates a conversation with you, 9 times out of 10, he's attracted to you. Take that opporunity to get to know him rather than dismiss him as a stranger. Women often ruin their own romantic lives by not allowing themselves to experience romantic connections outside of pre-designated social areas like bars and clubs.

Worry less about your vanity and more about your opportunity; women often make the mistake of wondering what other people will think of their romantic partners rather than decidicing for themselves whether they are interested or not. Become an adult. Learn to make your own decisions. It sure beats lonely night on the couch with your 15 cats or a night with the vibrator.

4. If you believe that men of high status are much more worthy of dating than men of low status, you're a hooker because you've attached a price tag to yourself. And hookers usually end up getting suckered in the end.

Telling a woman to date for quality instead of status is like telling a child to eat healthy food instead of candy; most will end up learning the hard way. But you can avoid this by learning how to date like an adult.

Forget about a man's means; such things can be faked. I should know. I've done it many times in order to sleep with hot women. If you want to meet a great guy, you have to become a great girl. This means you'll have to drop your shallow financial/social considerations and instead concentrate on a man's character, on his personality. There's a difference between liking someone for how they make you feel vs. liking someone for who they are.

Often times, great guys don't have the social savvy to make you feel great right off the bat. But as they warm up and feel more comfortable with you over time, their affection follows.

5. Show appreciation: A man is designed to bear you as his responsibility. You in turn should do whatever you can to support his decision to bear you as a responsibility. I.e., RECIPROCATE: learn to cook. Clean the fucking house. Wash the dishes. Do some laundry. Suck his dick. Make him happy to have you around.

Nagging and complaining are great ways to make him regret and forget your name.

Show appreciation. This is difficult in a society that focuses on women. But you should be different. You should not remind him of Feminism's stranglehold over society. Instead, you should cause him to be relieved that you're not a bitch like most women today.

7. Make yourself attractive: Forget about the make-up, fake tits and tan-in-a-can. Sure we like a dark tan, but there are better ways to approve your attractiveness.

Concentrate on not chopping off your hair, not getting chunky, not wearing old mom clothing, keeping yourself in shape and being feminine.

It's not about what you can ADD (fake tits, tons of make-up, trendy purses and shoes), it's what you MAINTAIN (stay in shape, keep the hair nice and long if possible, not dying it, changing it, or chopping it off every week). As a woman, you are already naturally beautiful when you maintain your FEMININE side. Adding make-up and other crap to it just covers that natural attractiveness up. Sure some guys like make-up, but they forget to tell you that when it comes off, they feel cheated. And in their minds, they will constantly be comparing you to your make-up face. This is a bad idea. Don't set yourself up for failure. It's better to be honest about how you look up front than to have to compete with your own fake persona.

8. Shut the fuck up: Trying to prove how smart you are to a guy is best accomplished by shutting the fuck up. The smartest girls are the ones who LISTEN to men who know much more than they do.

Men instinctively know how to spot annoying women. They have their mouths open constantly (without anything in them.) As a rule of thumb: the louder you are, the less attractive you are. This does not mean you should suppress your personality-- showing that is a plus. But it does mean you should be ready to keep a lid on your mouth when you feel compelled to give advice; check with your man FIRST. There's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion from your man. That's what he's there for. Don't be ashamed that men are smarter than you. Learn to embrace the truth if you plan on keeping a man around. Men aren't smarter than you to compete with you as Feminism erroneously teaches women today. No. On the contrary, men are smarter because that's their function. They are there to help you and solve your problems.

Control requires responsibility, and we know that women and responsibility go together like oil&water. This is why women gravitate towards men who are in control and are able to provide a direction to their lives. Because a man's gender role is to provide leadership, a woman who submits to a man's lead is inherently desirable. If you want to learn how to attract a man, learn how to DEPEND upon a man to meet your needs.

9. Be flexible: Being a stubborn bitch does not make you sexy or sassy-- it makes you annoying. Children are stubborn. That's why they get spanked. To avoid unnecessary pain: grow up.

Sometimes you won't always like following your man's decisions. But if he's not telling u to jump off a cliff or kill your mom, if it's not a matter of life or death and it doesn't compromise your core beliefs, then DO IT; he who bears the responsibility requires the AUTHORITY. You can put your foot down AFTER you grow a penis, not before.

10. Realize that your ridiculously unrealistic standards are preventing you from meeting anyone.

This is from a recent article detailing reasons why girls didn't choose a particular guy:

"His toes were ashy.

He seems like he’d be a really cool friend, but I don’t know, those lips...

He was wearing a bubble coat, and seriously, it was not that cold.

We had a good conversation, but I like a man to be more aggressive.

That was our second and last date. He used the word “authentic” like 14 times.

How many times do I have to tell you I’m looking for someone TALL and HOT? Keywords being tall and hot.

He drank a hot chocolate instead of coffee. What is he? A 6’4’’12-year-old?

Yeah, he was tall, but his head seemed a little small for his body.

It was loud in there, so I’m not sure. Did I detect a stutter?

Boy, was he sweating!

He seems like someone who would like Star Trek.

I don’t care if he can’t see. He should have left those glasses at the office.

He was dancing (or worse, trying) way too hard."

When you're done vomitting, continue reading...

The point here is simple: women are too childish to set their own dating criteria. This is why women really shouldn't be picking men. Men should be picking women. And this ridiculous list of dating gripes perfectly illustrates the reason why.

This last problem isn't really a female responsibility-- women robbed of male guidance growing up end up childishly indignant and emotionally retarded. They cling to silly dating criteria because PUSSIFIED men ALLOW IT. If men enforced their dating expectations instead of constantly trying to fit into women's ridiculous dating expectations, they'd actually be more attractive to women. Male attractiveness is based upon authority, not the childish laundry list of do's & don't's shown above.

So while your dating criteria/standards are a problem, they're really only going to be solved by men who defy them rather than by your decision to elminate them. This is just to make you aware that you do have them.

The unfortunate part is that the majority of men are pussified and will try to fit into your silly/unrealistic dating criteria. It's great for women to be aware of their problems, but they really shouldn't be in charge of solving them anymore than a child should be expected to discipline herself for bad behavior. That is the job of the parent. In this case, it's the man's job to enforce his expectations, not the woman's job to change dysfunctional expectations.

If a man is enforcing his expectations, the woman will have no choice but to drop her dysfunctional expectations just as a disobedient child being spanked will have no choice but to stop her bad behavior and submit to the care and guidance of the parent who knows best.

If the man you're dating lacks the common sense or the balls to take charge of your relationship, let him know there is a free online resource to help him get his spine back in place: