Intelligence = poor dating life?



The above link directs you to an article written by Dr. Alex Benzer.  I have found that it mostly applies to me, and people similar to me.  I am very socially awkward, and I am poor at making small talk with people.  I have met girls who I liked but I was too shy and awkward to talk to them and get to know more about them.  I have met this one girl in particular a couple of years ago.  She works at my school's library, so I'd see her there every day I went to check out books.  Well, last March I finally worked up enough courage to ask her out for coffee, and she accepted.  We've been talking to each other since then and she even invited me to her apartment last month.  So I finally told her how I feel about her, and she told me that she would like to get to know me better, and that she isn't ready for a relationship (yet).  However, I am still very clueless about the whole dating and relationship stuff, and I am using my only viable means of obtaining advice:  the internet.

I am taking note of the advice Dr. Benzer offers in the article, and I'm wondering if anyone else can offer more advice.

A large quantity of gratitude,