Love Bytes: Virgins, Lap Dances And Holidays

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Econ 101 for the pickup artist, plus input on men who go MIA.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links

Sketchy: Officials close down an Oregon boarding school after a seven-month investigation confirms that the staff made students perform "therapeutic" lap dances as a part of the "emotional growth" curriculum. [TresSugar]

Men's rights group lobbies change in custody rights and domestic violence laws. What progress have they made? [Double X]

Asked your friends for love advice lately? They might mean well, but beware of these bad dating tips! [BettyConfidential]

Fun fact: nearly 10 percent of adults between the ages of 25 - 45 are likely to be virgins. Read on to find out what else these adults have in common. [Asylum]

Study reveals that iPhone users watch more porn, tend to be turned off by dates who use less sophisticated mobile technology. [HuffPo]

5 pickup faux pas for girls in want of a guy. [marie claire]

Don't you just hate it when a guy stops calling for no apparent reason? Here's an explanation of why men pull the disappearing act. [Glamour]

Fergie sounds on off the rumors of hubby Josh Duhamel's infidelity. [LimeLife]

Tired of drinking eggnog and listening to "White Christmas" alone? Here's how to find a boyfriend before the holidays. [Cosmopolitan]

The pickup scene and priniciples of economics might just go hand-in-hand.  [Em and Lo]