Love Bytes: Woman Moved For Man After First Date

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Plus-size chick lit characters, angst of the married man, and a new match for Lindsay Lohan.

10 must-click love and relationship links.

Chick lit trend: Curvy heroines who are happy with their bodies. [TresSugar]

Chris Brown spoke with Larry King, now Rihanna will speak with Diane Sawyer. The singer's first interview since Brown assaulted her to air on Good Morning America this week. [HuffPo]

Would you move across the country for someone after a first date? Read what happened when this woman did! [Smitten]

Michael Lohan would really like his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, to start dating his friend, Jon Gosselin. [LimeLife]

The big question while living in the digital age: To text or call? [Nerve]

5 horrifying things you need to know before moving in with a guy. [TheFrisky]

Moral dilemmas for married men. [Asylum]

Would you prostitute yourself for World Series tickets? [Lemondrop]

13 ways to celebrate being single. [Divine Caroline]

Paranormal Activity gets sexy in the "Sexual Activity" spoof trailer. [BuzzFeed]

Since when did sex start feeling like a gymnastics class? Here are 6 scary sex positions no one should try. [CollegeCandy]




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