Female Drivers: Truths And Lies

woman driving
Love, Heartbreak

Female drivers rate themselves as poor, and most men agree. What's up with this, ladies?

And now, the battle of the sexes, driving edition, shall commence.

Ladies, why are you so down on yourselves? The reason we ask: Ford Motors recently released a Harris Poll on parallel parking, and the results were grim. The funny thing is, sure, we can all make assumptions about the the sexes when it comes to driving. But specifically parallel parking? Don't we all hate it? Apparantly not. Here, the details:

  • 43 percent of female drivers rated their parallel parking skills as fair to poor; 21 percent of male drivers rated their skills the same.
  • 63 percent of men rated women as fair to poor, while only 25 percent of women gave the same marks to men. 5 Places To Find A Smart Guy

Basically, according to this poll, women think they are bad parallel parkers, and the majority of men also think women are bad at it. Yeesh. We at Love Buzz have to put the brakes on this nonsense. Ford conducted this poll, crunched these numbers and compiled stats to introduce its new Park Assist function. You press a button, let go of the wheel, and the car parallel parks itself. For real. OK, that's a pretty cool function, but, really, women if you're bad a parallel parking, get out and practice. Are Gender Differences A Myth?

Part of being a good driver, like dating or anything, really, is confidence. We love seeing couples where the woman drives and the man sits shotgun. The likes of Danica Patrick would probably agree. On The Highway Of Love: Company Makes Traffic An Opportunity To Meet A Mate

Tell us, readers, who does the driving in your relationship?