Life so far...

Life so far...
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Good Afternoon Readers!

And welcome to my ultra super sexy new BLOG! I'm glad you could join me in my new endeavour. I am simply a young lad, that feels he has come to some vital conclusions at a very young age. Whether I am right or wrong, I'd like to share these thoughts and conclusions with you. Hopefully through the power of this Inter Web, we can laugh, learn and grow together. So without further a due, I give you Life So Far...

I'd like to give you a little background on who I am first and foremost. I am just your typical suburbanite. Mommy wasn't a drunk and Daddy never left me. I grew up in a little Canadian town known only as Mississauga in a small neighbourhood. Like any typical teenage boy, I rebelled, I had my run ins with the local authorities, and I "experimented" with some less than respectable substances. Like I said, I was a typical teenage boy. From there I went to a community college, had my heart broken (as well as a couple of bones), and gained/lost a few friends along the way. After college I started working for the family business and have been here ever since. Which brings us to the present day. Today I pride myself in the life I have created. I have a wonderful girlfriend that I adore; Close friends that I cherish every moment I have with them; And a completely tranquil relationship with my parents.

So what makes me so special? Why is it that I feel my life lessons are worth sharing? Well I don't really have an answer that I could put in a single post. Maybe its because I've lived an average life with average problems that don't always seem so average. Maybe I'm a glutton for attention. But then again, maybe I have found a few helpful insights along my path that could potential help others. That is my intention of this BLOG, simply to share. Whatever information you choose to take is up to you. So grab my hand and follow me along the path, my friends. And thank you for welcoming me to the neighbourhood!



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