Grand Theft Auto: First-Date Edition

ditched date
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A boosted car can put a black mark on even a really good first date.

Ever been on a really bad first date? Sure you have. He's dismissive of your opinions. She complains non-stop. There's no spark there, whatsoever, but you're both polite enough to continue the farce through dinner, a movie and a very awkward cup of coffee. 

And then there's the first date that ends with a mis-timed kiss, a weird or humiliating sexual encounter or some portent that things just aren't going to work. (For instance, I once saw a road sign that warned me of a "Dip." Dip also means to leave somewhere expeditiously. The next date she argued with me about how tall I am. I should have listened to that road sign.) Read: 4 Signs That A First Date Is Going Really Well

But most of your worst date experiences will not meet those of a woman from Detroit whose date stole her car. According Yahoo! News the thief had her pick him up, claimed to have left his wallet in the car when they sat for dinner and asked for the keys to go recover the billfold. When he didn't come back, his date was curious… and she discovered that she was the victim of grand theft auto. The guy is in line to get two to ten in the pokey and the woman is in line to be able to trump all bad first date stories for the rest of her life. Let everyone be quite vigilant when their date is going ANYWHERE. They may be committing identity theft on you. Read: 5 Acceptable First Date Lies

On a mostly related note, I once went on a date with a woman who was curious about the video game Grand Theft Auto. After dinner, we went to my place for a little PlayStation 2 action. I was psyched that she was not only not aghast that I still was into PS2, but she wanted to play. So she played the game for 10 to 15 minutes and then had to lie on the couch because the game's herky-jerky play gave her vertigo. Luckily, she lived close-by. We did not go on a second date and as a neighbor, we largely just smiled and waved until she moved. So, in my experience, nothing brings a budding romance to a close quite like grand theft auto. Read: Rock Band Saved Their Marriage

Any bad first date stories out there?