Rules for Online Dating - Part Two

Rules for Online Dating - Part Two

It is a good idea to remind yourself of Don Miguel Ruiz' THE FOUR AGREEMENTS&apply it to online dating.


 1. Be impeccable with your word. (How refreshing)


 2. Don't take anything personally


 3. Don't make assumptions


 4. Always do your best 


Number two is absolutely the MOST important rule.  If you take anything personal in online dating, then you have no business being online. If he or she does not call, guess what?  They thought they were ready, but they are not.  Or perhaps they suddenly bumped into their soul mate, or for whatever reason – their gut told them not to meet you.  Fate always wins so don’t fight it.  Just go to your queue and chant ECEG with your legs crossed and your eyes rolled back in your head.

Before EVER meeting, good voice chemistry must be established. When I first began dating after 14 years of marriage and was an on-line neophyte, a friend was explaining how she NEVER ever gave a man her phone number prior to meeting.  I thought to myself, she must be smarter than me, because when I see a profile that I connect with, I give the man my number.  If we have an enjoyable conversation, I will usually meet with him.  If not, I saved a portion of my day. I considered her way for a minute, but ultimately feel that my way is better.  My way gives you another stage to weed out the weak in order to put your time and energy into a coffee date that could lead to something real. 

So review the four agreements and agree with yourself, that on-line dating is a worthwhile endeavor and decide that it will actually be fun!  The universe may open up and bring you exactly what you want.