Mixtapes & 6 Other Obsolete Love Trends

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Airport good-byes, body hair and housewives are relationship dinosaurs. What's on its way out next?

As the 21st century flies by, there's an ever-increasing host of objects, phrases and protocol relating to love that—if they haven't already fallen—are teetering on the edge of extinction.

Think about it: our kids won't know what a big deal caller ID was in the '90s. Not only could you see that Mike Jenkins from biology class had called you eight times in a row, you could screen calls out of spousal anger or first-date-follow-up fright. When today's younglings start dating, the existence of caller ID will seem as commonplace as the smartphone itself.

Obsolete: An Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us By (Abrams, $15.95) chronicles the goods and practices rendered out of date, now, faster than ever. The back cover reads: "Today, we experience in one year the same amount of change that it would have taken generations to experience a few hundred years ago."

As the author Anna Jane Grossman points out, gone are things like body hair, full words (obvi) and sadness. And these rapid evolutions are altering the way we find, show and maintain love, for better (sayonara, comb-overs) or worse (so long, privacy). Here are seven other things no longer part of our love lexicon.

1. Airport Good-Byes. We get choked up just thinking about the airport good-bye's demise. Where can one enact that kind of genuine melodrama these days?

The practice of accompanying someone (often a dewy-eyed lover) all the way to the gate at the airport, now thought to be as potentially dangerous as a handbag containing Scope.

2. Blind Dates. Google stalking means no one's a complete stranger anymore. And if he is, you probably shouldn't date him. 

Recognizing a date only by the carnation in his lapel [has] become… quaint. If a friend sets you up with someone and you don't automatically look for his image on Google, check his 'relationship' status on Facebook, and make sure his name isn't listed on CheaterNews.com or TheDickList.com… one might question if you're fit to date at all.

3. Housewives. Even if a woman decides to stay home with the kids today, this ain't the apron-wearing, Martini-mixing lady we associate with the term "housewife." Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?

4. Hyphenated Last Names. When the kids with hyphenated names started marrying other kids with hyphenated names, well, someone's name had to be dropped. Married or Maiden Name: How To Choose