Fun And Free: Movieoke?

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For a cheap date, try karaoke... with movies.

Well, President Obama sure seems "fired up" and "ready to go," but that doesn't change our 9.7 percent unemployment rate. (Note: I've always found the unemployment rate calculations to be a bit fishy.) While various recovery stratagems are sure to kick our economic woes to the curb any day now (cricket sounds...), we need to make do in the short run. Which means your romantic life is going to have to get by on metaphorical ramen noodles, powdered dairy and boxes of Franzia. Read: Cheap Date Idea: Cook From Scratch (You Can Do It)

But when the going gets tough, the tough get creative. What are two most fun things on Earth? Obviously, watching movies that you know by heart and karaoke. But how do you make these seeming disparate great tastes taste great together? In a word: movieoke (pronounced moo-vee-oh-kee). If you're a hipster, chances are you know that the concept was pioneered by filmmaker Anastasia Fite as a way for fans of The Big Lebowski and other cult films to show off their movie acumen. To play, a person with a passable knowledge of a film scene or monologue will get on stage, have the film projected onto a screen behind them and let loose with the dialogue. In some cases, the subtitles will be active and another monitor (a teleprompter) may be present. Read: Fun And Free: Dance Party USA

Obviously (this being an economic downturn and all), you can do it for much cheaper. You just need a DVD player, the DVD with subtitles activated, a television, some knowledge of a film scene and at least two good attitudes. Alcohol also helps.

Or you can go the really expensive route. According to NewsDay, the YooStar is a device that actually lets you digitally insert yourself in some of your favorite movie scenes. The product comes with a video camera, a swath of green screen and the software required to turn your computer into a movie studio. It runs $170, so it isn't exactly free, but it's about as much as the all-instruments bundle for Rock Band 2 (plus the cost of a PlayStation, Xbox or Wii). 

If you and your date, spouse or lovah are cinephiles, this could be a great way to pass the time. Does your honey bunny dig Pulp Fiction? Please her by setting the up the diner robbery scene from the comfort of your own home. Do you love The Princess Bride? Get your motor running quicker than you can say… "as you wiiiiiiiiiiiiish."

Any karaoke or movieoke as foreplay anecdotes out there?