Recession Dating Realities—Things Have Changed

Recession Dating Realities
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What you're going to have to accept while living and loving in the time of recession.

Okay all you lovers out there, so what do you know about dating, living and loving in the recession? Budgets for lavish dates and gifts have shrunk; long-term plans for established relationships have been somewhat downsized; and we're all perhaps a little more deliberate in our dating than we were in the boom times.

Things have changed—not least in the way you appreciate your mate. Below, some of the new realities that have emerged in these tough times:

You don't need to spend a lot to get a lot. In a guest post, "Funky Brown Chick" Twanna A. Hines wrote about getting laid without laying out too much for it. Try renting porn flicks, buy sex toys, and try mixing it up by getting out of town on the cheap. 5 Wacky Sexual Fetishes To Start Your Day

There are countless options for romantic dates on a budget. You can blog together, start an art project together, take a hike, or try a house-swap getaway.

Budget-conscious is different from "cheap." Opting for the subway instead of a cab may seem a little less smooth, but it's not as bad as asking someone on a date and then not being able to afford it when the bill comes.

"Those people aren't going to get laid," says Hattie Elliott, founder of Save the Date(ing), which hosts events for mingling and matching. The recession, she says, "doesn't take away our expectations. Women still want to be wooed and have the door opened and taken to dinner."

Don't use the prospect of employment as a way to nab a mate. If the job doesn't materialize, the budding relationship may become soured by that first broken promise.

Be careful what you say to your laid-off mate. Avoid: "Oh my god, what are we going to do?" "Why" and "Great, now I'm going to have to start working twice as hard." 7 Tips For Living With The Unemployed

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