The Broke Person's Guide To Romance

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The economy's bad but don't let it suck the pleasure from your love life.

I wouldn't go out with a guy who refused to spend resources—time, energy, effort or money—on our date. It's not about the ka-ching. It's about value. I deserve a life filled with excitement, happiness and sexual richness regardless of mine or my lover's bank account balance. In case you want the same, I enlisted a few friends and fellow writers of the sexy stuff to provide tips that pump up the heat without pushing out a lot of cash. Date On A Dime Without Looking Like A Cheap Skate

Eat, Drink, and Be Sexy

"Human beings are social creatures by nature," says sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko. "Building intimacy and fostering feelings of connectedness, especially during tough economic times, can be a cheap and powerful way to make your relationship recession proof!" You could cook at home, but that might feel routine and uninspired. Instead of upscale feasts at overpriced establishments, opt for cozy but sophisticated family-run eateries. Bonus points if you know the owner; your partner may be impressed! If the venue allows you to bring your own wine, be sure to tote along on a delicious red or white. Even if you splurge on the vino, your wallet will thank you for dodging the exorbitant markups at non-BYOB restaurants. How To Seduce Him With Food

Porn Pals

Once you've been in a relationship for a while, ditch pricey movie tickets for nude video gazing with your partner. It's porn time. If you and lover regularly gawk at sexy flicks online, you already know the benefits of playing voyeur to the screen. Learn new positions and observe other activities that keep your groin burning hot. Sex columnist Violet Blue reminds, "The Internet's free porn bonanza has generated more positive interest, and thus more consumers." Even though the recession's reach has kissed the economy's most titillating industry, there are still enough movies "giving consumers a rosy glow" she explains. How To Make A Sex Tape

Get a Move On

Move your sex life out of your home. Car sharing companies offer affordable make-your-own adventures—often with insurance and gas included. If you'd rather score with the Mile High Club than Backseat Becky, QuikBook, Priceline and other discount travel sites offer airline tickets with deep discounts. Making love while logging miles is great pairing. "One of the best things about plane sex is that you have to be creative about it, which can add an element of sneaking around to even the most staid relationship," concurs my friend and Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories author, Rachel Kramer Bussel. Dating, Adventurist Style

Shop Around

Sexier Sex: Lessons from the Brave New Sexual Frontier scribe, Regina Lynn, knows a couple that plays together stays together. "A toy that is lovely, functional, and lasting provides far more life benefits than wasting money on clothes you don't need, takeout that will just make you sluggish, or zombifying in front of the television." Buying adult toys can improve your sexual and emotional health. "It deepens your relationship, challenges your imagination, and brings a new element of play and excitement into sex—not to mention reduces the stress and anxiety you are probably feeling during these tumultuous times." Sex Toys You'll Both Love

Written by Twanna Hines for Recessionwire.

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