Combining Work And Love: Is It Possible?

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One woman dates her work partner during the recession.

Raj had me almost at hello, but he didn't seem to realize it. As so often happens, the same was true in the reverse, as well. We had sat in the park after a friend suggested we meet and shared stories from our lives. We parted with no further plans.

And then, out of nowhere, an email: "Call me urgently." Two minutes later, we were on the phone. He was charming and funny—and he had a proposal, a potentially very lucrative project that would come from one of  his clients.

It's always tricky to mix up work and romance, but in this downturn, I couldn't ignore the very real tug of the rent, loans, bills piling up. So if I couldn't have Raj as my boyfriend, at least there was something else I might get out of this encounter: some much needed peace of mind.

The next few weeks were strange: I loved being in regular touch with Raj, but it was frustrating, too. I had to hold back my hopes of being asked on a date and just present my best, razor-sharp, capable, professional self.

Next thing I knew, Raj was aggressively pursuing me. I was ecstatic. I did more math: How many months until he asked me to marry him; how many kids we would have; how many homes, vacations, cars…Watch: What Does The "Marrying Type" Look For?

And then WHOMP! The work fell through. The client was no longer interested and the thousands of dollars I was counting on vanished. Read: 4 Reasons To Date The Unemployed

I was crushed to lose the work. I couldn't help tracing these feelings to Raj, but now the negative feelings were connected to him, too. My heart was broken – not by a man, but by a job – and now the man had to go, too.

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