Best of Your Tango - Male-centric Edition

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YourTango this week was all about helping you understand men.

YourTango this week was all about your favorite dating accessory: Him!

From men's tastes in music to their capacity to forgive, if you were paying attention this week, you now know a lot more about him.

But, in case you were too busy falling ever deeper in love with your own man, here's this week's best, from YourTango.

Video: Guys' Favorite Classic Make-Out Albums
He likes Madonna and Diana Krall? Seriously?

Community Blog: My Husband Forgave Me For Hitting Him
patswife shares some experiences from the heart.

Community Blog: 10 Secrets Men Keep From Women
There are some things he's keeping mum on, as JoeRocket tells us.

Love Buzz: 5 Compliments Every Woman Loves To Hear
We let him in on secret lines that make our hearts melt.

Celeb Love: Jon Gosselin: I Failed My Kids
The reality TV dad opens up to InStyle.

Tomfoolery: Ladies, Men Really Like A.M. Delight
Tom tells us a sexy-time secret shared by all guys.