Full Disclosure: His Finances, His Health

man talking on phone
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Is it necessary or an over-the-top demand?

When you enter into a relationship with a man you want to know every last detail about him. His health: Is everything in check? What's his history? His finances: Is he in the black? What's his savings account look like? Is he signed on to the 401(k)? But is asking for full disclosure okay or might it suggest that you may not fully trust your new partner. We'd say asking questions is always a good idea, within reason. Some bits of information, though, you'd do well to wait to trickle out.

DO: Ask about his health. It's normal to want to know any health concerns your partner may have,, how often he gets checked by his doctor, what his family history is.

DON'T: Nag. If he's not taking care of his health as well as you would like, think of staging a longer-term project rather than imploring him to call the doctor on the phone that moment to request a physical examination and then request to sit in on the visit with the doctor.Dating A Friend's Ex

DO: Ask about finances if you want to know what you are getting yourself into and what your partner's goals are. Be willing to share all of your own personal finance information as well.

DON'T: Judge a partner by the size of his wallet. How much money a partner has is no indication of how he will treat you in a relationship nor what he will spend his bucks on (fancy cars and business trips or the home of your dreams, who knows?) Don't assume either that a salary can tell you anything about the partner has to money. If you ask about salary, be sure to ask about savings, investments and long-term financial goals, too.