Break Up. Cancel Wedding. Throw A Party.

Couple at party
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When their marriage plans hit the skids, one couple saved the date and had a party.

Here's to hoping this isn't a new type of breakup.

From comes a story about a couple who were engaged to be married but ultimately decided against it. The hitch is that they still own two abodes together—an apartment in NYC and a lake house in the country—which means navigating who pays what on their two mortgages and divvying up weekends at their once-cozy vacation home.

Now, we realize times are tough during the recession, but if we had to cohabit with our ex, well, let's just say only one of us would come of it alive. Read: Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal

However, we still wish the exes, Benjamin Dixon and Bradford Shellhammer, the best of luck in this endeavor.

To get a feel for how this is going, the couple, whose nickname is Benford, met in 2004. First meeting online and then in person, it only took them two dates to seal the deal. After the second date, the two were pretty much inseparable. Sound in: What are your online dating don'ts?

In May 2005, Dixon had just graduated from an MBA program, when the two loaded up a U-haul and moved across the country to the Big Apple. One apartment, one house and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, the two decided to get married.

While Dixon originally resisted the idea, Shellhammer pushed and the two chose a date. The golden era of their relationship wouldn't last, however. Dixon became increasingly upset by Shellhammer's constant blogging ( and the two grew further and further apart.

"We had become pretty mean to each other," Dixon told the New York Times. "We hadn't put our finger on what was wrong—we just knew it wasn't right."

The couple parted ways, but since their guests had already purchased airline tickets and such, Benford decided to throw Dixon a birthday party instead of a wedding. While some of the guests found the party to be awkward (Dixon brought a date, for example), all appears to have more or less worked itself out.

A quick browse of Shellhammer's website makes it seem the couple, while no longer together, is healthy and alive, and going for therapy to adjust to their situation. Read: 3 Reasons To Seek Couples Therapy

We say, "Good for them!" This seems like it was a healthy way to move on. We think it takes two mature people to handle such a feat and can only imagine what a wedding-turned-party would be like were a few Jerry Springer guests in attendence. That would be one hell of a party.