No Wedding For Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson--Yet!

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo not heading to the alter yet
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Tony Romo going strong with Jessica Simpson but no wedding bells yet.

According Tony Romo, he thinks that his year and a half relationship with Jessica Simpson is still going strong and the time they spend together couldn’t be better. What could be bad when the Dallas Cowboys quarterback has a girlfriend who shares in his passion for football? He revealed to Us Weekly that common interest is one of many things that keep their romance red-hot. Tony says that his favorite date with Jessica is just, “A little bite to eat and probably watch a football game,” he says. “She loves the game. It’s exciting for both of us. I’ve found someone that I get to hang out with and who wants to see our team do well.” It’s so nice to hear that they’ve figured out ways to spend quality time together since they both have such crazy and hectic schedules. 4 Obama-Inspired Date Ideas
So the big question now is this—is marriage in their future? It’s been three years since Jessica finalized her divorce from Nick Lachey and in that time she’s watched her baby sister Ashlee marry and have a baby with Pete Wentz. We wouldn’t blame her if she were starting to get maybe a little antsy. But, even if Jessica is ready to take the plunge down the aisle again—Tony may not be so quick to put a ring on her finger—yet. When asked if he had any wedding or baby news to share, Tony was quick to respond, “None that I can think of!” Tony Romo Ain't 'The Marrying Kind'
Maybe he’ll have to think a little bit harder if he wants to keep Jessica happy! The Phenomenon Of Engagement Chicken
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