Valentine's Day Breaking Point


I have reached my breaking point. Everywhere I turn I am reminded of a
certain day,Valentine's Day. I am tired of all the reminders of the
upcoming day. I can't even check my email or social networking site
without some reminder. I being a forever single, strongly dislike the
day where there is way too much love in the air. I have no one that
will show me any appreciation on that day. No cards,messages,no one
making me feel special what so ever. I have me,myself,junk food,and a
non romantic movie to occupy my time that day.Particularly a pint of
ice cream.    I am a supporter of the S.A.D movement. The Singles
Awareness Day or my favorite Singles Appreciation Day. The
card,candy,flower,gift industries should try embracing us too. We're
consumers who could use items geared towards us on V-Day. Nothing too
lovey heartfelt, mushy gushy,etc.. Something that says "hey I am single
today and proud of it" (I don't need anyone but hey someone would be a
nice change.) I've made myself stuff in the past to get across my point
of being single.     I think if I see or hear one more thing about
Valentine's day,I might result to pulling my hair out, running out of
the room screaming or worse through my computer out a window. But at
last there is no escape. I'll have to continue counting down the days
till its over and everything is back to normal and all the candy and
treats are on the clearance rack.That is when I feel justice has been
served,when some lonely little stuffed animal is on sale for a fraction
of the original cost, the meaning behind the sappy little message lost
to a bargain loving shopper who loves a good deal and not because it
was something for a holiday.    I don't need any more reminders of what
I lack. I just need some recognition that singles are people too who
could use stuff geared towards them.