The First Few Dates!


My first date with Chris was less that memorable, he came over on a friday night. He had brought some movies over and we were going to have a simple night of watching movies and getting to know eachother. We watched the fourth Harry Potter movie and I could barely sit still. I had, had tons of coffee that day and was just bouncing around. I was playing a game when he came in. the only place I had to sit in my room was my bed. I didn't have a roommate so I had a king sized bed and tons of pillows. As it got later and later we watched movies and tv show's and talked. I was realizing that I actually really liked him. He tickled me which was my major weekness. finally he kissed me, it was like I was floating from that moment on. Our first date I fell asleep snuggled up in his arms. 
Our second date went slightly better, I had just finished my first day of cheer tryouts and was exhausted and sore and could barely move. He came over and we were supposed to go out to dinner. I asked if we could just hang out again, I was exhausted. That night my friends called me and told me that I was needed immidiatly, Chris went home early that night. When I found out my friends were kidding I felt so bad, but I went home and went to sleep. The next day Chris and I texted I knew that I was leaving for home that next week. So I decided to break things off with Chris. The night before I left to go home, I went out to celebrate making the cheer squad and that night I called Chris at 2 in the morning. He wasn't mad, just amused. 
The weekend after I moved home I talked to Chris and we discussed actually continuing our relationship. We decided to make it work. He came to visit me the next weekend. Outside of school our relatioship seemed a lot less awkward. I visited him 3 weeks later. We lived in our own little world that summer.