Dita Von Teese Likes Sex, Nice Guys In Sweaters

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After more than five years of knocking boots, swapping vows, surviving betrayal, and severing ties with zombie rocker Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese entered into a year of self-imposed celibacy and recovery while the men of the world quietly wept.

Fortunately for said weeping males, Dita's year without whoopee has finally come to an end and she is now ready, willing, and able to enjoy herself fully again. In fact, she tells News of the World, the merriment has already begun.

"Let's say I'm enjoying myself at the moment," Dita happily confesses. "I absolutely adore good sex…and let's face it, in times like these it's one thing you can really enjoy because it doesn't cost a thing."

But, contrary to what many might presume, good sex for Dita doesn't necessarily mean all the theatrics often associated with her former marriage. In fact, she says she's had it with "leather trouser and eyeliner types."

"At the moment I'm definitely not looking at musicians. I'm attracted to normal, sweet-looking guys in sweaters," she explains. "You can have a rollercoaster ride with a nice guy in a sweater."

Other down-to-earth insights and advice offered by the 16-inch-waisted sexpot include smiling ("When a man pictures his woman in his head he'll always remember when she's laughing and smiling") and being loyal to other women ("There's nothing sexy about hitting on another woman's man, it's just mean-spirited").

We can only presume the latter piece of advice is not-so-indirectly related to Evan Rachel "daddy issues" Wood, who began seeing Marilyn Manson less than a year after he married Dita.

Which isn't to say that Dita is bitter or jaded. Rather, she seems unexpectedly open to love and all the potential agony that comes along with it.  

"You know what?" she says. "I absolutely accept that I'll have my heart broken again, and probably again and again."

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