The Brutal Reason Strong, Independent Women Can't Find Love [VIDEO]

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The dating struggle is so, so real.

There's no greater feeling than seeing more strong, independent and liberated women dominating the work force. But as a working woman, finding the time to devote to relationships (let alone dating) sometimes feels next to impossible. No, you definitely don't need a relationship to feel complete. It just gets harder to find someone who is on the same wavelength as you.

And that right there is a MAJOR problem. But if you thought that you were the only one with a lackluster dating record, you couldn't be more wrong. The struggle is just as real in Beijing, where women who work long hours aren't lucky in the love department. Instead, they often find themselves dating down!

Why is it that you have to sacrifice one for the other? Is it really possible to find love when you're unwilling to settle for less than the best?

We took these questions to Sex and the City's author Liz Tuccillo, who totally knows a thing or two about relationships. She actually took a trip around the world to check out the single life (and dating scene) in different cultures. After she stopped in Beijing, she made some interesting conclusions.

When it comes to dating as a career woman, Liz says that "I'm starting to feel like there's a cost to freedom which is that you've become independent and strong and liberated and you don't need a man. But then, the opposite is that you get not so picky or particular about who you're willing to love because you don't want to settle. Because your life is so great, it gets harder and harder to find someone."

She raises an excellent question about what this means for the future of the working woman. She wonders "Should you have cultivated a less interesting life for yourself?"

We don't know about you but our answer is no! It is possible for you to attract the right guy without sacrificing your morals or yourself. Remember that a confident woman knows she has value. At the end of the day, you should only be with someone who gets all of you. If he's not up to par, then you shouldn't be with him!

If you settle for less than you deserve, you'll always wonder what would've happened if you took the road less traveled.