If You Can Train Your Dog, You Can Train Your Guy

If You Can Train Your Dog, You Can Train Your Guy

How to talk to men so they will listen.

Having a tough time getting through to your man? Communication problems threatening your relationship? Only 9 billion articles have told us that "effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship." And yet, how can you communicate effectively when your schnauzer listens to you more readily than your man? Despite the fact that plenty of women—maybe even you—have said that 'men are dogs," there's no obedience school for guys. But is it possible that the secrets to communicating with men are similar to the secrets of training your dog? Could the Dog Whisperer straighten up your man? No? Maybe? Actually, ladies, YES.

Examining dozens of dog training manuals and male-female communication articles, it was really hard to separate the tips for dog training from the tips for human-dog (or hu-dog) training. Here are some examples:

"Many behavior problems stem from a lack of communication. Simply put, he isn't aware of what is expected of him." Is this from one of those Men are from Mars, Women Don't Have Spaceships kind of manuals? Nope! It's from the US center for obedience training.

"Whining and crying is a way of getting attention and getting you to do what he wants. The best solution is to tackle it immediately before it gets ingrained." Dog training manual? Nope, Dr. Murphy on Why Men Don't Listen to Woman.

"Running away behavior satisfies many of our instincts and is a completely natural self-rewarding behavior but totally unacceptable in today's world." Dog training manual or a Cosmo article on why men stray? You're not sure anymore are you? As you can see, they aren't far apart. It's still all about effective communication.

Dr. Gerri Forsberg writes, "If we can't communicate effectively, we will be led in a direction we don't want to go. We all have misunderstandings within our relationships. It would be easy to become confused or frustrated because we are unable to communicate properly." These rules apply to all of our lovable animals, dogs and hu-dogs alike.

So, here are some of the golden rules of communication and effect training of your hu-dog. Keep Reading...

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