Tips For An Affair-Proof Marriage

Tips For An Affair-Proof Marriage

Nine ways to stay happy and healthy in love.

Obvious as the advice might sound, one of the best ways to keep an affair at bay is "Be Nice and Listen"—a simple practice for maintaining a respectful relationship that's often hard to do.

"In my conversations with men and women who have had affairs, the number one reason for pursuing the affair was this: 'She listened to me. I mattered to him,'" reports Beliefnet, which compiled the list.

Aside from tips on how to stay out of cheating-friendly situations, the advice offered applies to all couples. The author recommends each spouse nurturing a creative outlet of his/her own, having regularly scheduled tech- and child-free dates, and maintaining supportive friendships with like-minded couples or individuals.

The overarching theme is: if you're bored or unfulfilled personally, your relationship will likely have a harder time flourishing. Oh, and, don't start sticky conversations in places where stress is already present, such as long car rides.

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