Study Finds That More Women Picking Out Their Engagement Ring

Study Finds That More Women Picking Out Their Engagement Ring

Why are you so surprised? You bought it.

From First Coast NEW YORK (AP) -- Once upon a time, when a man proposed, he gave a woman a shiny solitaire diamond engagement ring. It was the standard. It's probably what her friends had and she was eager to join the club.

Fast forward to 2007: It's now the norm for a woman to influence what her engagement ring will look like -- if not to pick it out herself, says Mary Moses Kinney, director of the Independent Jewelers Organization. The result is bigger stones, nontraditional settings and some rings that forgo the diamond altogether.

"Size matters," says Millie Martini Bratten, editorial director of the Conde Nast Bridal Group. "People love a big sparkly ring, especially coming from the person they love most in the world."
Moses Kinney thinks the larger rocks are being driven by two things: Women aren't shy about asking for what they want, and, because couples are getting married a bit older, they typically have more money to spend. The older bride also has had more time to carve out her personal style. "Women want personality in their ring. They want to make an emotional statement with the ring. They want it to reflect who they are," says Moses Kinney.

Tango’s Take
The article mentions that according to a survey by DeBeers (the diamond conglomerate/ cartel) that only 19% of rings are purchased as a surprise. Even that number strikes us as a bit high. Making the leap from together-dating to together-engaged can be daunting. By dropping hints and approaching the thing from a different angle guys can be sure to get the answer that they want. DeBeers mentions that some percentage of women go as far as purchasing the ring and giving the receipt to their betrothed. Are we living in a culture that’s so risk-averse? Where’s the romance? There has to be an answer to this. Are men too nervous to pick a ring and get a bi-plane to sky-write “Dana will you murry me?” Are women too ‘assertive’ to let their guy pick out a ring based on his knowledge of their likes and dislikes? Aren’t we in the age of the metrosexual? Shouldn’t guys intrinsically understand certain things? Do most of these women (getting married for the first time) have trouble understanding the concept of ‘starter ring’? Let’s all take a deep breath, amass whatever percentage of salary that the diamond industry advocates that we spend and surprise someone we love by popping the question. The good news is that good manners (and Australian, see the Dish from May 21st) law makes the ring the property of the giver until the marriage is consummated (or the wedding takes place). So everyone’s a winner. Read More Of The Original Article...

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