Rihanna Says That She IS Dating Josh Hartnett

Rihanna Says That She IS Dating Josh Hartnett


From The Sun

RIHANNA has revealed she’s going out with JOSH HARTNETT.

She gushed: “I’ve fallen for him big time.”

The 19-year-old chart-topper was rumoured to have been dating the 29-year-old Pearl Harbor star and has now finally come clean.

She said: “I would by lying if I told you we were not more than just friends.

“He is so hot and he is really sweet to me.

“When we hang out it feels right – even though it’s still pretty new.”

Tango’s Take We’ve had up and down feelings about this. We were pretty convinced that Rihanna and Josh Hartnett probably hooked up. But Josh Hartnett hooks up with a lot of pretty girls. The NYC rumors about him are near legendary. So, they meet each other on MTV’s Total Request Live, have an awesome, public time, and then have to go into some manner of spin mode. Then Josh was on Fox’s The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet. They asked him about the Rihanna rumors and he couldn’t answer. Part of his reply involved something to the effect of ‘you weren’t supposed to ask me about that…’ That’s the power of live TV, hoss.
In related news, another Hollywood stud once linked to Rihanna was arrested for being drunk in a Chicago area pharmacy. Sorry Shia LeBouf, Josh Harnett wins again. He does every time, that’s why we come up here.

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