2 Zodiac Signs Experiencing Financial Abundance Throughout The Rest Of 2024

The stars are aligning for two zodiac signs when it comes to their finances.

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While two zodiac signs are having their 'emerald year' throughout 2024, that doesn't mean the other 10 zodiac signs have to wait their turn for luck. According to professional astrologer and psychic reader Carol Starr, there are a couple of zodiac signs that may experience greater financial abundance this year.

2 zodiac signs experiencing financial abundance throughout the rest of 2024



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1. Aries

If you are a Leo sun or Leo rising, you can expect to see some improvement in your finances. Not that Aries has been doing too badly lately, as Aries is a go-getter anyway, so you never stay down for long. Ruled by Mars, Aries typically has the energy, drive and intuitive ability to know when to act on something. Not a lot scares Aries or puts them off. In fact, most of the time you could even be considered fearless.

That said, you will have a little extra help this year from Jupiter, the planet of abundance — so you will do even better. If you are an Aries or an Aries ascendant, you have Jupiter in your second house of money and earned income until at least the end of May. This transit only happens once every 12 years, so to get a glimpse of what's to come, think back to June 2011 through June 2012, which was the last time Jupiter transited your second house.


Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, is also transiting your second house. Uranus will conjunct Jupiter throughout April. While Uranus is associated with disruption, it can also bring about sudden and unexpected gain as it conjuncts the planet of expansion or Jupiter. This combination has the potential to bring about new and exciting developments concerning all things Taurus, including money, love and unexpected opportunities.

With the Sun and Mercury in Aries, along with an eclipse, the focus for you Aries, is on putting your best self forward this spring. 

When Jupiter leaves Taurus on May 25th, it enters Gemini, your third house which rules ideas and your thinking which will be expanded over the next 12 months. Don’t be surprised if your mind is racing with all of the possibilities and potential as we begin the summer.

Jupiter in Gemini will form a sextile to your Sun or ascendant this year if you were born between March 20th and April 11th. Sextiles are considered lucky and you may not slow down much as long as Jupiter sextiles your Sun and your luck holds. Communication will be important at this time, both in terms of your communication to others and theirs to you. Expect your ideas to be big and bold — the same way you live your life. If you were born after April 11th, or your ascendant is greater than 22 degrees Jupiter will sextile your Sun next year.


The April 8th eclipse in Aries will fall in your first house of self, putting you in the limelight. If there was ever a time to shine, it is now — just make sure it isn’t all about you if you have a partner or partners. The two spring eclipses fall in your 7th-1st house axis, which calls for balance with yourself and your partner or other close relationships. Just remember, Aries: no one is an island and it takes others to accomplish big things.

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2. Leo

Leo suns and Leo risings can look forward to financial improvement this year.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, is transiting your 10th house of career until late May. When Jupiter transits the 10th house, we typically see career advancement, gain and new opportunities. Now will be the time to go out on a limb and give your career more of your focus. In other words, strike while the iron is hot this spring as this opportunity won’t return for another 12 years.


Jupiter conjunct Uranus will also fall in your 10th house. This is prone to sudden and unexpected opportunities that may come out of the blue, so be prepared and don’t turn down networking or other opportunities where you may find advancement because your opportunities can come when you least expect it.

While it looks like you will do better this year in terms of career, save your money, Leo, because with Saturn transiting your eighth house, you may not have a lot of financial support from partners and will have to depend on yourself for the duration of Saturn in Pisces through February of 2026.

When Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25th, it enters your 11th house which rules groups, friends and your hopes and wishes. This means that your luck will lie in this area for the rest of the year. Take all opportunities to network through ‘groups.’ You may find advancement through your company or some outside group you are affiliated with. Leo likes to do things in a grand style anyway, but now will be the time to advance dreams you may have held on to for years since you have a better-than-average chance of accomplishing those things you hope for. The 11th house also rules friends. Expand your network Leo — which should be easy for you with your warmth and charm!

Jupiter in Gemini will sextile your ascendant bringing harmony, protection and luck if you were born approximately July 22-August 15th. If you were born after this date, Jupiter sextiles your ascendant next year.


The spring eclipses set off your third and ninth houses, the third ruling ideas and the ninth ruling travel, education and world view. It’s time to expand your thinking and the eclipses will show you where to do so. For some, this could represent furthering your education this year, both formal education and informal education you may seek on your own.

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Leslie Hale is a professional astrologer offering personal astrology readings worldwide by phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom.