What Is Sextile In Astrology? Meaning And Effects

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sextile aspect

Aspects in astrology allow us to see how the communication between two planets flows.

Strenuous aspects such as the conjunction, square, and opposition will make things arduous for the native since they need to put in more effort to achieve results early on, while the trine and sextile bring easy-going energy that can help the natives reach their goals with comfort and minimal effort.

What are sextiles in astrology?

Sextiles are represented by two planets whose distance forms a 60-degree angle, creating a harmonious and complementary energy between the two planets and the areas of life they influence.

Sextiles can highlight your potential and what can push you to bring about those successes you may not have even thought were possible. 

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Although sextiles can bring effortless energy, if the native does not tap into it, will be tough for them to truly see their potential. 

This aspect is not as powerful as a trine but they do bring positive outcomes for the native when channeled. While the trine can make it easy for someone to work at something and see a quick output, the sextile can feel similar to dormant energy. We need to wake up and put in the work to see an outcome.

However, it does not mean that we will be struggling, instead, it is similar to riding a bike after years of not doing so. In the beginning, you will be rusty, however, long-term muscle memory will allow you to succeed. It is ingrained in us to find success when we truly believe in what we do.

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How to find sextiles in your birth chart

Finding the sextile aspect in your birth chart is easy. Once you calculate your birth chart, you can look for the sextile symbol, which resembles the star icon on your phone. 

At a glance in a chart, positive aspects in the chart such as the sextile are blue or green in color, depending on the site or app you're using. On the other hand, harsh aspects are usually red.

If you look at you chart and see blue lines that are two houses away (for example, House 1 and House 3 are impacted by blue lines), it is a sextile. 

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