The Complete 2024 Leo Horoscope, Broken Down Month-By-Month

Every experience in the 2024 Leo horoscope holds a valuable lesson.

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Life is a series of endless experiences and opportunities to continually learn more about who you authentically are and what aligns with you. The 2024 Leo horoscope encourages learning, expanding and opening yourself up to new ways of looking at situations in every facet will be your primary focus. This is meant to take you away from self-limiting beliefs or those restrictions that you've felt have been blocking you from what you genuinely want to pursue. Take each moment as a lesson from the universe and use it not just to make you better but also to align more closely with your divine purpose.  


Yearly Leo horoscope 2024 highlights

One of the more dominating factors of this year for you is Pluto shifting from Capricorn into Aquarius for the majority of the year, which takes the focus off of your well-being and directs it to your relationships. This means that not just your romantic relationship but all connections will inevitably begin to transform this year as you can see with greater clarity the purpose and reason for certain cycles or even patterns. Pluto uncovers the truth, so during this process, you discover your truth over what you need and what that means to your connections with others.


Pluto will only spend about six weeks back in Capricorn at the end of the year, so this is also a new phase in your life where you are encouraged to act upon any changes you feel compelled to make.  

While Pluto in Aquarius inspires changes within your relationships, the North Node in Aries lights up your ninth house of luck, tests your faith and encourages you to expand beyond the life you thought you were meant to live. You will be drawn into educational, spiritual or even travel pursuits this year as you are open to receiving more information and stretching your mind and belief system beyond where you have previously resided.

At the same time, the South Node in Libra in your house of communication is creating an urge to return to school or even training that can help you learn important skills that can help you achieve your dreams. The Nodes of Fate always work together, so there is a definite call to embrace learning as the pathway of creation, recognizing that you may be just one shift away from creating the life you crave.

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Best Day: Saturday, January 27 

Capricorn energy dominates January, which activates the same themes as Pluto. This is all about your well-being, routines, health and determination, so take this focus and make sure that you are feeling your best in every way as the year starts. If you've been rather busy with your career or personal life lately, this is when you can refocus on your well-being regimen to make sure that you are truly caring for yourself from the inside out.  

Uranus, the planet of shock and awe, will station direct in Taurus toward the end of the month, creating some surprising ripples in your career sector. Suppose you've been contemplating a job move or even returning to school for a degree or continuing education course. In that case, this is when you start leaning into that process of realizing how learning a new skill can positively affect your professional aspirations.


Best Day: Thursday, February 8 


Much of February is ruled by Piscean energy, which governs themes of transformation, intimacy and even a significant life partner. This is emphasized by asteroid Pallas, ruler of wisdom and intuition, shifting into Sagittarius and highlighting themes of joy and commitment.

While this can absolutely carry with it possibilities for new romance or a deepening connection, it also encourages you to commit yourself to the changes that you know are in your best interests. Pallas not only helps you see the truth and listen to your inner self but it also encourages you to fight for what you know is right.

While this is an important energy to embrace, there may be more to learn before you know what you should be fighting for, which will come back in September when Pallas reenters Sagittarius. For now, try to journal about what arises for you and what you're feeling, and then begin to create a plan that represents the commitment you're developing toward creating a life that is more expansive and filled with possibilities.



Best Day: Saturday, March 9 

March is one of the best months of the year for you with the influx of Aries energy in your ninth house of luck and expansion. Not only does the Aries energy inspire you to take action, but the Sun rules the choices you make in your life. With the North Node here, it represents that whatever you do is deeply connected to the purpose of this series of eclipses and your divine purpose.  

If you began making plans in February, now is the time to start executing them. You should feel free to travel abroad for educational programs or even book that last-minute trip that feels like you are meant to experience. Anything related to spirituality, philosophy, education and travel are related now. With the South Node in Libra activated during the eclipse this month, it's time for you to get out into the world and start living and learning all you can.

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Best Day: Monday, April 29 

April ushers in Taurus season, which means the focus shifts to your career. At the same time, the Aries Solar Eclipse also brings in new opportunities to take your work in a positive and exciting direction. Taurus rules your career sector, which means you are driven to find a career that is both stable and financially abundant.

While you tend to take risks in other areas of your life, you may have realized that you've done so little when it comes to your career. This is part of the purpose of the North Node in Aries, as you are inspired to see that some risks really are worth taking. When it comes down to learning a new skill that can logically help you find a career that brings more joy and increases your finances, it's not really a risk at all.

Make yourself the best thing that you can bet on by not doubting your ability to change lanes and finding the place that you were meant to be all along.



Best Day: Saturday, May 25 

While Pluto in Aquarius is inspiring upgrades and transformation to your relationships, Jupiter will shift into Gemini in May and bring luck and good fortune to your relationships with others. Pluto in Aquarius will help you make more authentic decisions, while Jupiter in Gemini will make it easier to work with others and create beneficial connections.  

With the Gemini energy this month also highlighting your eleventh house of community, wishes and relationships, it's the perfect time to consider networking, investing in your professional relationships or even branching out and creating connections with new people. If you are aiming to learn a specific skill to help with your career and life plans, May would be an excellent month to consider getting a mentor or someone who can help you achieve what it is you desire, as gold will be found within your relationships.


Best Day: Monday, June 17


You may find yourself withdrawing more from the social scene in June as Cancer season creates a space of inner reflection ahead of your solar return, which begins next month. Cancer rules your twelfth house, the place of your subconscious, but also your dreams and intuition. Suppose you've been solely focused on creating the new, moving ahead. When you are starting new ventures, it is a time to pull back a bit and make sure your heart is fully invested in everything you're doing.  

Mercury, the planet of communication, will shift into Cancer in July, which will help you reflect, journal, and even communicate more vulnerably with others about what you are going through. Try to create a daily journal practice around what you have learned each day that can help you become more directed and focused in moving ahead, and then each week, reflect on what you wrote down as you try to draw any important connections. This is your time to do an inner check-in with yourself and make sure everything you're doing will lead to where you want to end up.

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Best Day: Monday, July 22 


July brings in the beginning of Leo season and your solar return, which marks the Sun returning to the same position it was in at the time of your birth. While there are many new years, both calendar and astrological years, this is your personal new year, so it's important to embrace its energy as such. Reflect on what you've accomplished this year, what you've learned and what risks you've taken so you can plan on what you want to focus your energy on during the second half of 2024.  

The New Moon in Leo in your first house offers you a beautiful opportunity to have an intentional ceremony of what you hope to manifest during the new lunar cycle. In your first house, it's about you being able to start fresh with a greater sense of truth, authenticity, and beliefs that are representative of your growth. Consider planting your intention beneath a sunflower that represents your zodiac sign or incorporating other elements such as lapis lazuli or sunstone.


Best Day: Sunday, August 4

While you are still moving through the second half of your zodiac season, Mercury will also be shifting retrograde in Virgo this month. Mercury rules themes of communication, while Virgo governs self-worth and finances for you, so take the time to reflect on your budget and even what you've been asking versus settling for in terms of compensation in your career.


While it will be best to approach your employer about a raise next month, you should not only make a plan for your financial stability in August but also one as to why you deserve a wage increase or certain benefits package. This is not just about what you are worth — if you've also been investing in learning a new skill, then this is also something for which you deserve to receive an increase in salary.

As you are reflecting on these themes, also allow yourself to review what you've previously settled for as the best to ensure you are continuing to learn from the past so that the future can be better.


Best Day: Sunday, September 8 

Asteroid Pallas shifts into Sagittarius in September, so you may see themes from February resurface. During that time, you were working towards transformation and expanding into new directions. Now, you should feel you have the confidence and skills necessary to do that. This is the perfect month to start a new business, request a raise or apply for a new job or college program. Just make sure that you are truly asking and aligning yourself with what you are worth, and you can't go wrong. 


Libra energy also begins to filter in this month, which activates the South Node and helps you focus on creating a new structure in your life based on what you've learned up until this point. This will mean that the skills you've been learning, along with communication, will be highly favored. If you have any writing projects or presentations, they will be highly favored this month, especially if you've felt you've had to stretch yourself to be able to accomplish them.

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Best Day: Thursday, October 17 


The Full Moon in Aries rises this month, which will activate the North Node in your ninth house. Although this isn't an eclipse, it will echo back to the Aries Solar Eclipse in April and the intentions you set during that time. Aries energy wants you to learn more, expand, travel and find the luck that is destined for you. This also means any aspect of travel, even if it's just a girl's weekend or romantic getaway, is highly favored this month.  

With the surplus of Scorpio energy in your home and family sector, you may also be considering relocating for pleasure or work in October. October invites you to see what is possible once you begin to honor your power of creating the destiny you seek. Whether it's moving and becoming a digital nomad, offering an online course or simply choosing to take a solo trip, it is all part of you opening yourself up to life and all that is possible once you believe it is.


Best Day: Thursday, November 21

November brings Pluto's permanent shift into Aquarius, which is where it will remain until 2043. This is extremely powerful energy and if you spend time reflecting on your romantic and personal relationships, you can already get an idea of what this will represent for you. There is no rush in the work here, as it will only help you continue to peel back the layers necessary to live life as authentically as you can.  


While Pluto is making its official big move into the Age of Aquarius, the Sagittarius energy will light up your fifth house of commitment, joy and pleasure, making this one that may also prove to be quite significant in your romantic life. If you've already been moving through a transformation in your romantic life, you may see a strong commitment come in during this time, as well as the fulfillment of feeling like you are genuinely happy with your life.


Best Day: Monday, December 30

In many ways, you end the year as you began it, except it will feel completely different. Capricorn energy is a leading theme, which means you are once again directed to focus on your dedication to your dreams, along with ensuring you are also caring for your total well-being. While this energy is the same, so many other things will have changed. Whether it's your relationship, marital status, career, or even home, life looks remarkably different now than it did at the beginning of the year.

You may also need to take this time to settle into all you've built and transformed this year.  The Capricorn New Moon is an excellent time to set an intention for how to care for yourself in a more holistic and soul-centered approach. It would be a perfect time to go away on retreat or even be more conscious of how you spend your time in December. You can also set an intention on the New Moon for what you want this phase of your life to continually feel like as you become more comfortable and settle into the beautiful new beginning you've worked so hard to create over this past year.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.