Your Unique Success Archetype, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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People often question astrology for type-casting them based on their Sun sign. But the truth is, Aun signs are more like archetypes with certain patterns (and prejudices) attached to them. Your environment and other natal chart aspects directly impact how your zodiac archetype is expressed on an individual level.

Of course, zodiac archetypes are pretty vast with a lot of sub-themes like the dark archetype, romance archetype, intelligence archetype, and more. One such category is that of the success archetype, and leaning into it can make it easier for you to achieve success and greatness in the world. 

Here's your success archetype, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries success archetype: the explorer

The success archetype of Aries is that of The Explorer. Aries is an energetic, adventurous, and courageous zodiac sign. They are known for their pioneering spirit and can-do attitude, but they tend to have little patience and too much impulsiveness. This makes Aries an extraordinary explorer and adventurer. Whether it is the matter of exploring the limits of the human body or signing up for deep-sea exploration, Aries will go where angels fear to tread. But every pioneering act always seems foolish... until it is not.

Taurus success archetype: the aggregator

The success archetype of Taurus is that of The Aggregator. Taurus is excellent at building wealth, growing material possessions, and enhancing their lifestyle one brick at a time. From savvy investments to real-estate flipping, Taurus can do it all! The ultimate expression of this Taurus success archetype can be found in old-money families and owners of conglomerates. Taurus is good at multiplying one to two, then to four, and more.

Gemini success archetype: the communicator

The success archetype of Gemini is that of The Communicator. Gemini is known for swift intelligence and wit, their ability to converse with practically anybody, and their inability to sit still in one place. All this can easily translate into excellent storytelling abilities, marketing capability, and other fields that depend on clear communication for success, including acting and rapping.

Cancer success archetype: the intuitive

The success archetype of Cancer is that of The Intuitive. Ruled by the moon, Cancer has excellent intuition. They are always tuned into their emotions and can easily pick up the undercurrents of the environment they are in. They also have an excellent sense of danger and don't make foolish decisions under the guise of “stepping out of the box.” Using this gift for decision-making is the quickest way for Cancers to tap into their success archetype.

Leo success archetype: the leader

The success archetype of Leo is that of The Leader. The adjectives big, bold, and brave don't do justice to the Leo zodiac sign. Leo is too larger-than-life. Ruled by the Sun, Leo can easily draw people to themselves and make them root for Leo's success. This is why Leo is the leader. They often become the metaphorical symbol for the cause. Without them, the cause fizzles out and loses its momentum. Napoleon Bonaparte is a good example of this success archetype.

Virgo success archetype: the analyst

The success archetype of Virgo is that of The Analyst. Virgo is known for their attention to detail, their fine-tuned intelligence, their need for perfection, and their strong practicality. All this makes Virgo an excellent analyst. Whether as a scientist, a stockbroker, or an economist, Virgo is the one to go to if you need to get something done properly the first time around.

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Libra success archetype: the judge

The success archetype of Libra is that of The Judge. Represented by the symbol of the scales, the Libran energy is all about balance and taking into account various perspectives before arriving at a decision. This makes Libra an excellent judge. But whether this is expressed in the court setting or as an HR representative depends on the temperament and natural inclination of the individual Libra.

Scorpio success archetype: the detective

The success archetype of Scorpio is that of The Detective. Scorpio is an intensely observant, private, and intelligent zodiac sign. Once they bite something, they do not let go. This makes Scorpio an excellent detective. They feel at home exploring secrets, esoterica, mysteries, and the dark underbelly of the world.

Sagittarius success archetype: the teacher

The success archetype of Sagittarius is that of The Teacher. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius lives for learning and exploration. They also have a philosophical bend and love to discuss new ideas with people from all walks of life. This extreme openness to learning makes the Sagittarius an excellent student, and later an excellent teacher. They are good at wielding their authority once they become experts on any subject.

Capricorn success archetype: the general

The success archetype of Capricorn is that of The General. After all, all generals were once soldiers, but not all soldiers have the capacity to be a general. Capricorns are known for their extreme practicality, their need for efficiency, their slow and steady approach, and their ruthless drive to conquer their goals. Capricorn can easily express this success archetype in the board room as they can on a scientific panel.

Aquarius success archetype: the visionary

The success archetype of Aquarius is that of The Visionary. Aquarius is a futuristic zodiac sign that stands out from the crowd wherever they go. They are very community-conscious and love to find solutions for large-scale problems affecting the world. But this also makes the Aquarius feel like an outcast in a lot of situations. After all, every tradition was once a visionary new change that only a few adopted before it snowballed and became part of society.

Pisces success archetype: the creative

The success archetype of Pisces is that of The Creative. Pisces is a gentle, whimsical, and creative zodiac sign. They are deeply connected to the otherworld and have heightened intuition and psychic powers. This allows Pisces to create things that are truly extraordinary. But their creativity is not restricted to the field of arts and humanities. A Pisces can be a brilliant coder or an entrepreneur as well because those fields also require a lot of creative thinking.

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