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Aquariuses Most Likely To Succeed In Life, Says Study

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People say that if you want to be successful you should work hard, network, and maybe even have a little bit of luck. But what if it was less about those things and more about your astrological sign?

According to Daily Mail, people who are an Aquarius, or born between December and March, are more likely to succeed in school and even become famous.

So what makes this water carrier sign so special?

Leader of the study, Dr. Mark Hamilton from the University of Connecticut, says it probably has to do with people of this sign being assertive.

While doing his research, he collected a data set of 300 celebrities, politicians, scientists, athletes, public service workers, artists, and people who work in literature. He found the Aquarius is the sign most linked with successful celebrities.

Perhaps it's time to pursue that acting career!

It also doesn't hurt that people who are born with the sign tend to be older in school.

"Higher performance on mental and physical tasks during childhood development would promote ambition," explains Dr. Mark Hamilton to Daily Mail. "Accumulated across at least 12 years of education, this prolonged achievement could result in a sense of personal triumph."

Must be nice being an Aquarian, huh?

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