The Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Be Successful, According To Study

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People say that if you want to be successful you should work hard, network, and maybe even have a little bit of luck. But what if it was less about those things and more about your zodiac sign?

According to astrology, the way the stars align can determine the path your life may take. This path is laid out in your natal chart, which uses your birth day, time, and place to create a map of where the major planets and luminaries were at your time of birth. While there are many moving parts in your birth chart (literally), most of us are familiar with our Sun signs, which we often refer to as our zodiac signs. 

Each zodiac sign represents a number of different personality traits, both good and bad. While there are definitely some zodiac signs known as being rather charmed and others that seem to be hated by everyone, there's no one zodiac sign that's all good or all bad. However, according to a 2015 study, there's one zodiac sign most likely to be successful thanks to a specific set of traits assigned by the universe.

Zodiac sign most likely to be successful

According to UConn researcher Mark Hamilton, Aquarius is the zodiac sign most likely to be successful.

To come to his conclusion, published in the "Journal of Social Sciences," Hamilton analyzed a data set made up of 300 celebrities representative of a number of vocations typically thought of us successful, such as politicians, scientists, athletes, public service workers, artists, and people who work in literature. He found that the birthdays of these 300 people tended to "cluster at certain times of the year," including "wet" — or winter — months (late December through early March) and under fixed signs.

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As professional astrologer Leslie Hale explains, those born between Aquarius dates January 20 to February 18 have a high potential to find success because "they are so socially driven and have a genuine interest in others."

At first thought, it may be surprising that Aquarius is considered the most successful zodiac sign because, as Hale explains, "The Sun in Aquarius is considered 'at it's detriment' in this sign, which means it is not well-placed." In fact, this makes Aquarius one of the most challenging Sun signs to have. "This can sometimes, however, work well because the Sun represents self-actualization. Since the Aquarius Sun does not favor self-actualization because it is at its detriment, the energy is turned outward toward other people which can be a big benefit when dealing with the public and other people," Hale says.

Aquarius' ruling planets may also play a role in the zodiac sign's high probability of success. "Aquarians are typically very interesting people since one of their planetary co-rulers is Uranus," explains Hale, giving them somewhat of an edge over other zodiac signs who may not stand out as much. "In addition to being co-ruled by Uranus, Saturn is the other planetary ruler and Saturn is all about hard work and discipline which can go a long way in terms of achieving success."

YourTango's Senior Editor for Horoscopes and Spirituality and astrologer, numerologist, tarotist and theologian Aria Gmitter, M.F.A. adds that this adds to Aquarius' "stamina" and "ability to overcome challenges and go beyond what's expected of them, even if it means they have to break a few rules along the way," which plays a big role in success.

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This "stamina" may be in big part due to Aquarius' status as a fixed sign. And in fact, "similar to Aquarius, the reason why Leos, Scorpios, and Taurus zodiac signs are successful can be pointed toward their fixed modality in astrology," Gmitter explains. "To be successful, you need to be dedicated and willing to work hard for an extended period of time. Fixed zodiac signs are the taskmasters of the zodiac signs. Once they have decided to start a project, they are less likely to give up until the desired result has been achieved. For Leo, who is ruled by the Sun, success may come in the form of fame and fortune. For Taurus and Scorpio, their success often comes in the form of money and assets."

Of course, the Sun sign is only one small facet of your overall birth chart. There are many other more intricate pieces of the success puzzle, which everyone has the ability to solve — some may just have an easier go of it.

For example, "Most celebrities who are successful in acting have a concentration of planets in the 10th house of their chart," says Gmitter. "What makes this so interesting and supportive of the study is that the 10th house is associated with Capricorn. Yes, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, but again, Saturn also rules Aquarius. So, even if you're not an Aquarius sign or you don't have a lot of planets in Aquarius, you might still become famous if you have a group of planets in your Midheaven or even the 11th house of your natal chart — both have an association to Aquarius energy."

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