The Complete 2024 Cancer Horoscope, Broken Down Month-By-Month

The overall theme for Cancer zodiac signs in 2024 is to never give up on what it is you most want.

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You have been feeling the profound quakes of Pluto in your life since 2023, when it first began moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. Pluto has spent the past thirteen years in Capricorn, ruler of your romantic sector, as it has helped you unearth what wasn't working so you can begin to create something new. This has brought dramatic changes into your life, and though you are feeling more settled than you previously were, there is still a phase of transformation ahead.  


Yearly Cancer horoscope 2024 highlights

Pluto will progress fully into Aquarius in the coming year, which means whatever its work or purpose has been in your personal life, it will finally reach a conclusion point. This will not only provide relief but also open up a space to start focusing more on building what you want rather than dismantling what it is you don't, which is what has dominated the last few years.

During this phase, Jupiter will shift from Taurus into Gemini and help you by healing more profoundly from everything that you've recently moved through. Jupiter tends to expand on whatever area of your life it touches. As it shifts from Taurus into Gemini, your focus will shift from expanding the circle that surrounds you toward your inner healing.


If you've felt like things have started moving smoothly, but during the year, it begins to become more challenging, don't try to push through it. Jupiter in Gemini is actually exactly what you need, especially as Pluto makes its final move into Aquarius.

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Still, you also need to make sure you give yourself time to heal this year. You will be able to practice a great commitment toward achieving your dreams and building the new, but during all of that, you need to understand that whatever you create will only be the result of your healing. Let yourself go slow, build a home within yourself, and release the weight of the past so that you can manifest the future you've been dreaming of.  



Best day: Saturday, January 27 

The year begins on a wave of transformation with the Aquarian energy highlighting an aura of change and the possibility of a new life partner entering your life. Aquarius energy rules your eighth house, so as Pluto shifts into this zodiac sign, you will begin to unearth your inner truth and begin to understand more about precisely what it is you need to do to live the life you dream of. Pluto is one of the dominating forces in life this year as you will continue to move through the changes it's already brought, but this time, it's more about rebuilding or starting anew to create what it is that is in alignment with your growth.  

As the Aquarian energy is inspiring you to focus on what's ahead, Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes, stations direct in Taurus in your house of community. Taurus rules this area of your life, known as the 11th house, and governs your community, friends, reputation and even your hopes and wishes for life. Uranus has been moving through this zodiac sign to help you understand what it is you need, as well as to help you challenge previous beliefs. Use this energy to embrace risk this month, observe the dynamics of those that surround you, and even consider a retreat where you can take time to dive into your healing.


Best day: Sunday, February 18 


Pisces energy governs over your house of luck, abundance, travel, and education. Since Saturn first moved into this water sign in March of 2023, you've been asked to become more committed and focused on achieving your dreams. This means instead of just believing it will happen,nyou've been asked to become more proactive about pursuing the career you want, applying to colleges or even taking the steps to plan that trip you've always wanted to take — even if it's done solo.  

As the Sun shifts into Pisces, you will see an increase in energy surrounding travel and anything related to education or pursuits of new study. The Sun rules external action, and in Pisces, it will help you embrace this month of travel and new opportunities. If you are considering applying to any new educational program, career or even travel abroad opportunity, this is the month to do it.

Believe in yourself, become serious about your dreams, and then take action to make them a reality.



Best day: Sunday, March 10 

Upholding the theme of Piscean energy in your house of luck, the New Moon in this water sign offers you a powerful time to set intentions for what you want to manifest during this lunar cycle. While this will also encourage the beginning of a trip, job or new program of study, you can also use this energy to set your sights even higher and focus on how you want to use this energy of expansion to transform your life over the next year.  

A New Moon is a time for new beginnings. Use this to set an intention for venturing further out of your comfort zone, taking new possibilities and risks and imagining a future far better than you have ever thought possible. Try to leave space in whatever intentions you set so that you can create space for the universe to surprise you. More than anything, make sure that whatever you set an intention for or decide to take action on scares you just a little bit. You want to be challenged, and so you need that fear to embody the confidence from learning that there are no limits to what you achieve or experience.

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Best day: Friday, April 19 

Taurus energy rules your 11th house of community, and it has been highly activated for the past few years. First, Uranus shifted into Taurus, followed by the North Node and then Jupiter. This has radically changed the circle of people that surround you, as well as how you approach your romantic relationships. You've been challenging the status quo and then seeing the results of making decisions that are more in alignment with who you want to become rather than who you've been taught to be.  

While the North Node has since moved into Aries, Jupiter is beginning to wrap up its time in this earth sign, meaning that something is coming to fruition involving how others can add abundance to your life. As the Sun shifts into Taurus, you will feel the urge to make the most of Jupiter's remaining time in this zodiac sign by seizing new opportunities and practicing that new way of approaching and interacting with others. Let yourself make new connections this month, or revisit your romantic relationship as you realize the power you have over the community that surrounds you.


Best day: Saturday, May 25 


The healing that Jupiter will bring to you begins in May as it shifts into Gemini. Gemini rules your house of the subconscious, and this is also where your intuition and dreams lay as well. Jupiter will help you address any lingering healing themes that Pluto in Capricorn brought into your awareness. With Jupiter here, though, you also know that anything that arises is surrounded by abundance as well. This is learning that you must go into your darkness, into your truth, and allow yourself to excavate what you can take away from everything to become better.  

Jupiter is the planet of luck, and while it will help you heal more deeply during this time, it's also going to work with Saturn in Pisces to help you honor your dreams more deeply for your life. Jupiter in Gemini will increase your intuition your connection to the divine, and help you understand more deeply the dreams that you need to work to fulfill.



By letting yourself heal what has held you back and validating your intuition, you will know precisely where to put your energy. Use this phase to do some journalling about what you want or feel inspired to do in your life to help you create a plan as you work to focus more on your dreams and create a life that truly resonates with your soul.



Best day: Sunday, June 9 

As Jupiter in Gemini helps you heal and inspires you to reach for the stars, Mars will shift into Taurus in June, helping you act. Taurus is the ruler of your house of community, which governs who you surround yourself with and is an area of your life in which you've seen tremendous changes. This can be a beneficial time to think of collaborating with others or even networking, especially if it can help you achieve more of your dreams.

If you've been focused on yourself or even feeling as if you've been withdrawing a bit from certain groups, this is an excellent time to reintroduce yourself to the world and make the most of the connections that surround you. Mars is the planet of action, ambition, and passion. In Taurus, it becomes focused on setting up a life that isn't only abundant but also joyful and radiant. As you use this energy to your advantage, reflect on making connections with those who can increase the overall quality of life. Whether this is a personal mission or one that can help you get ahead in your career, it's an excellent time to focus on forming new and positive relationships with others.

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Best day: Tuesday, July 2 

Neptune is the planet that governs unconditional love, dreams, hopes, and the faith that everything will always turn out as it's meant to. Yet, Neptune can also govern illusions and fantasies, making things seem far better than they are. In Pisces, it's at home in the deep water of this water sign that governs your house of luck, abundance, and expansive energy. As you begin to focus on creating a new chapter in your life, it's important also to ensure that what you're creating is based on reality — and not the illusion of what it could be.  

In July, Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, which can actually help you to make more realistic plans and even work with that Saturn energy that is currently here as well. Pisces' energy in your house of luck wants you to embrace new experiences, learn, travel and create a more abundant life. Saturn and Neptune want to ensure whatever you're doing is based in truth and that you're prepared to work for what it is you want. Try to create time to observe if your perspective seems to shift at all once Neptune is retrograde, or even practice affirmations using truth statements, like "I am ready to embrace the full truth of my career or relationship."


Best day: Monday, August 19 


August brings an interesting mix of energy, and it's an important one to note in the year ahead. On the same day as the Aquarius Full Moon, which activates your house of transformation, Jupiter in Gemini will square Saturn in Pisces. A square is an aspect that brings about a climax or crisis point — think of it like the catalyst moment in your favorite film where everything starts to turn around for the better. This square between Jupiter and Saturn will activate your healing and the future that you're dreaming of, while at the same time, the Full Moon in Aquarius will inspire you to make changes to your life.

Stay observant during this time, and although Mercury will be retrograde, you may very well be making some significant life decisions this month. In many ways, the healing that Jupiter brought will allow you to act toward expanding your life in an exciting manner, which will cause changes. The most important thing is not to let things just happen as they may but instead to advocate for what you want, take risks, and be prepared to say yes to a new opportunity. August is what happens when the cosmos conspires to help you move into the next level of your life.


Best day: Tuesday, September 17 

September is like a teaser of what's to come in the second half of 2025. Although the Nodes of Fate will technically still be in Aries and Libra this year for their eclipse cycle, there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, giving you a hint at what's to come. Pisces is that house of luck energy that is seeking to expand your life through new opportunities, which means you can expect this to not only give you a hint at what 2025 will bring but also that you will experience an important emotional shift during this time.  


Lunar Eclipses govern your internal self, which rules the mind, the heart, and the soul. In Pisces, there are themes of oneness, intuition, dreams, and the belief that everything is always happening for the highest good. As this eclipse occurs, it could kickstart you in a new direction or even give you a burst of genius toward a path or goal you hadn't previously considered. While you are being guided to take action, just know that this will be something you work more long-term on, so there's no need to rush.

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Best day: Wednesday, October 9 

Jupiter first entered Gemini in May and has been activating your intuition as well as providing moments of healing. Now, as Jupiter stations retrograde, you will have a chance to embody all that has occurred and almost feel like you can play catch-up with the changes that have taken place.


Jupiter works to bring in new experiences, opportunities and events into your life, yet when it's in retrograde, it changes its focus and helps you develop more of your emotional and intellectual intelligence as you can make more sense of events and understand how to put all the pieces together. In the house of your subconscious, this is especially important as you will now have the time to understand more of the connections that you've been experiencing this year. Pay close attention to your dreams, those you have during sleep, as they're likely to be more intense and may even act to profit from different opportunities and situations you'll experience.

The most important thing during this time is to ensure you're giving yourself the space to reflect on what arises emotionally for you, so try to clear your schedule a bit and give yourself downtime to be able to extract the jewels from this energy.


Best day: Tuesday, November 19 


November is a month that should be celebrated and treasured as Pluto will make its final steps into Aquarius, where it will now thrive for the next two decades. This brings an end to a significant chapter of your life, so be sure to hold space for what is ending or feel like you finally have closure regarding it.



Then, as the Aquarian energy begins to inspire you, turn your gaze toward all the possibilities that now exist around you. The basis of change comes from your desire to create a life that is more in alignment with your truth, no matter what that may mean.  

Pluto in Aquarius not only means that the past is now truly behind you but also that you will be open to creating a life of authentic intimacy. If you've recently finished a past relationship, you may meet someone this month or even just simply start opening yourself to believe that love is possible again. Take time to reflect on what is closing out for you in your life, along with what you are consciously trying to create space for.



Best day: Saturday, December 7 

As you arrive at the final month of the year, take a moment to exhale and reflect on all you've been through, all you've grown because of, and how much more aligned you are within yourself. This has been the point of this year so that you can begin to not only prioritize yourself and your dreams but also heal from all that you have been through so you can once again find confidence.

December brings the Full Moon in Gemini to the house of the subconscious along with Neptune stationing direct in Pisces. Both elements bring a point of fruition of truth along with your healing journey.

While this can often be a time of year to celebrate, for you, it's about truly no longer being the person you were. You have made it through one of the darkest times of your life, and now you can also see how you've taken your darkest moments and turned them into priceless gold. December is a time for you to reflect on yourself and your progress, along with a release ceremony with the Full Moon. This can be related to the past or even just those aspects of wounding you may have carried around for far too long.


Let yourself breathe deeply and realize that this is what true freedom feels like, and it's one you never have to fear losing again.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.