What To Expect During Neptune Retrograde 2023

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neptune and zodiac sign

Neptune is in retrograde in Pisces from June 30, 2023 to December 6, 2023 in the sign of Pisces.

Neptune retrograde meaning

When a planet is retrograde, it appears to move backward in the sky. Astrologically, this results in a shifting of the planet's energy. The planet Neptune rules over the subconscious mind, such as dreams, delusions, psychic abilities, illusions, mystery, receptivity, spirituality, inspiration, and fantasies. When retrograde, Neptune's veil is lifted, bringing with it our rose-colored glasses and leaving us to face reality.

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As Evolutionary Astrologer Aura explains in a TikTok, Neptune retrograde is "a time of radical self-honesty." Though that may sound scary, every retrograde period is a chance to get back on the right track. Neptune retrograde in particular can lead to "uncovering deception, healing and releasing emotional wounds, heightened intuition and sensitivity, dissolving self-delusions," and often results in removing people who disrespect your boundaries from your life, according to Aura's TikTok.



In addition, when Neptune is retrograde in Pisces, "it can really deepen our spiritual connection to the spiritual realm," explains self-described Alchemist, Healer and Astro Goddess Lea in a TikTok. "We may experience vivid dreams, increased intuition, and a strong desire to explore, like, the mystical, metaphysical aspect of things," she says in the video.

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What to do during Neptune retrograde

This planet encourages you to seek the truth, but it can also make it easy to see what you want to see, which is not the truth. This can lead us to be vulnerable and open to deception and it can destroy any healthy boundaries you have.

When Neptune is Rx, it means that the unknown and murky situations are going to clear. You are going to start seeing people and yourself for who they truly are. But this also can feel like your feet have been knocked out from underneath you. You will see the truth behind people and situations and it can be scary to acknowledge these truths, but it's necessary for your own personal growth. You will find that these changes happen subtly and gradually over the course of Neptune's retrograde. So, it's not an immediate, knock-you-over-the-head, change. 

During Neptune retrograde, it is encouraged that you meditate and do shadow work.

With Neptune retrograde in Pisces, it's a time to become more aware of why we "idealize certain things," explains Astrologer Astro*dim in a TikTok. Meditation methods and shadow work can help you "dig deep within our emotions," as Astro*dim says in the video.

These methods will help reduce stress and relieve some of the negativity in your life. They will also help you balance out your emotions.

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