Year Of The Snake Chinese Zodiac Personality Traits, Years And Compatibility

Chinese Lunar Years of the Snake include 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 and 2025.

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Chinese astrology is divided into 12 zodiac animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Your Chinese zodiac sign is based on the lunar year you were born in.

This 12-year cycle is further expanded to a 60-year cycle wherein each zodiac animal cycles through five Chinese zodiac elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

The Snake Chinese zodiac sign is considered one of the wisest among the zodiac animals and bestows on a person the ability to stay serene under pressure, be observant, and strike when the time is right.


Snake Chinese zodiac years

The following are the Lunar Years of the Snake. If you were born between these dates, your Chinese zodiac sign is Snake:

  • Jan 27, 1941 – Feb 14, 1942: Metal Snake
  • Feb 14, 1953 – Feb 3, 1954: Water Snake
  • Feb 2, 1965 – Jan 20, 1966: Wood Snake
  • Feb 18, 1977 – Feb 6, 1978: Fire Snake
  • Feb 6, 1989 –Jan 26, 1990: Earth Snake
  • Jan 24, 2001 –Feb 11, 2002: Metal Snake
  • Feb 10, 2013 – Jan 30, 2014: Water Snake
  • Jan 29, 2025 – Feb 16, 2026: Wood Snake

Year of the Snake Chinese zodiac personality traits

Snakes are the symbol of wisdom and intuition in Chinese mythology. And people born in the Year of the Snake are believed to be naturally intelligent, creative, and good problem-solvers. They are intensely private, though, and prefer to observe from the sidelines rather than take center stage. But they don't mind socializing if people are respectful of their boundaries and give them space to withdraw if they need to.


Snakes do really well in scientific careers where their powers of observation and critical thinking are engaged. But they also loved to keep up with the times and own the latest gadgets and fashion items.

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Chinese zodiac Snake strengths

People with the Snake zodiac sign have an even temper, are good communicators, and have excellent intuition. They are highly observant and love to engage their minds. And can also be diligent and charming.


Chinese zodiac Snake weaknesses

Some of the weaknesses of the Snake zodiac sign are materialism, excessive concern about what others think of them, secretiveness, anti-social behavior, and the desire for vengeance.

Famous people born in the Year of the Snake

Taylor Swift, J. K. Rowling, Stephen Hawking, Mao Zedong, and Pablo Picasso were born during Years of the Snake.

Year of the Snake Chinese zodiac elements

Each Chinese zodiac year is associated with one element from the five elements theory. And each element blesses the corresponding zodiac animal with a different expression of its natal abilities and traits. Here are the traits of Snakes according to their elements.

Wood Snake

Wood snakes are graceful and artistic. They like to live in an orderly environment with beautiful surroundings and decor. Some like to collect antiques and valuable works of art. Wood snakes are also excellent musicians if they decide to pursue the field.


Fire Snake

This is the natural element of the Snake zodiac sign. Fire snakes are naturally energetic and more communicative than other elemental snakes. They think fast and act even faster. They love stories but prefer writing them over storytelling. They are also excellent performance artists and dancers.

Earth Snake

Earth snakes are reasonable, calm, and independent thinkers. They are also very diligent, although fortune tends to elude them or not stay with them for too long. They do not like it when people pry into their personal matters.

Metal Snake

Metal snakes are sharp-witted, determined, and very courageous. But they tend to be arrogant. They like to stay well-dressed and always plan their actions beforehand. They are also good at holding a poker face and not betraying their feelings.

Water Snake

Water snakes are the most intuitive of all the elemental snakes. They are also sentimental and can turn into hoarders with time. They like their privacy and personal space but also want to be loved for who they are. They are very clever and creative.


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Snake Chinese zodiac compatibility

Some Chinese zodiac signs are naturally more compatible with the Snake than others. In love and friendship, the Snake is best compatible with the Ox and Rooster and least compatible with the Tiger.

Ox and Snake compatibility

The compatibility between the Ox and Snake is excellent. They are both pragmatic and level-headed and usually share common beliefs and outlooks on life. They make excellent marriage partners, friends, and even business associates. Ox appreciates the methodical nature of Snake and how they like to decorate their surroundings. Snake loves the supportive and hardworking nature of Ox. Both love silence and companionship over excessive talking. And they also bond over their shared love for culture and tradition.


Rooster and Snake compatibility

The compatibility between Rooster and Snake is also a great one. They bond over their love for fashion, art, and culture, and balance each other out in beautiful ways. Rooster loves the observant, focused, and intriguing nature of the Snake. Snake loves the courage, determination, and pride of the Rooster. Both introduce each other to new ideas and experiences. They tend to fare better as friends, but love can also blossom between these two.

Tiger and Snake compatibility

Tiger and Snake are part of the Chinese zodiac pairs who are mortal enemies, also called the Six Harming Groups. They cannot stand each other and are harmful to each other's lives. Both tend to clash over their ruthless and cunning streak and do not like that each tries to outdo the other in cleverness. Snake and Tiger can never trust each other.  

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