Chinese Zodiac Signs That Are Mortal Enemies

Chinese zodiac enemy signs should avoid each other at all costs.

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There's a reason why they say you will never please everyone in the world no matter how hard you try. It's because certain people are so different from each other that they can only ever be mortal enemies. This is true for the Chinese zodiac signs as well.

In Chinese astrology, compatibility between different zodiac signs is classified into four categories: 3 harmonies (sān hé; 三合), 6 harmonies (liù hé; 六合), 6 conflicts (liù chōng; 六冲), and 6 damages (liù hài; 六害).


The first three groups share good compatibility to varying degrees. But the last one focuses on six pairs of two zodiac signs that absolutely cannot stand each other. In fact, these zodiac pairs are so bad for each other, they can ruin the other's good luck just by being together!

Chinese zodiac enemy signs

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1. Rat and Goat

Year of the Rat people are naturally curious, smart, and persuasive. Year of the Goat people are mild-mannered, peaceful, and artistic. Rat and goat are mortal enemies. Rat is annoyed by the plodding nature of goat and their unwillingness to take initiative or go out of their comfort zone. Goat does not like the crafty nature of rat and how they always have to get their way. When these two come together or are part of the same team, they dislike each other right from the start or find faults in the other eventually.

2. Ox and Horse

Year of the Ox people are patient and kind, but they can be stubborn and very conservative. Year of the Horse people are energetic, independent, and love traveling. Ox and horse are mortal enemies. Ox does not like the impatient and sometimes impulsive nature of horse. They also don't like traveling as much as horse. Horse does not like the stickler-for-customs nature of ox and their stubborn refusal to compromise.

3. Tiger and Snake

Year of the Tiger people are powerful and graceful but unpredictable. Year of the Snake people are charming, smart, and enigmatic. Tiger and snake are mortal enemies. Tiger does not like the slippery and cunning nature of snake. They feel that snake uses their charm a lot to evade accountability. Snake does not like the undercurrent of threat they feel when tiger is around. They feel tiger does what's best for tiger and their moves are too calculated and sometimes sudden.

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4. Rabbit and Dragon

Year of the Rabbit people are soft-hearted, clever, and quiet. Year of the Dragon people are magnanimous, powerful, and ambitious. Rabbit and dragon are mortal enemies. Rabbit does not like the cutthroat nature of dragon and how they are more strategic than compassionate. Dragon does not like the people-pleasing nature of rabbit and their lack of distinct ambition. These two rub each other the wrong way if they get together.

5. Monkey and Pig

Year of the Monkey people are energetic and fun, but they can be sharp and cutting sometimes. Year of the Pig people are generous and loving, but they are very materialistic. Monkey and pig are mortal enemies. Monkey does not like the excessive nature of pig and how they cannot live without their creature comforts and snobbish preferences. Pig does not like the hypocrisy of monkey and their ruthless nature. These two don't see eye to eye even if they come together.

6. Rooster and Dog

Year of the Rooster people are proud, generous, and independent. Year of the Dog people are loyal, patient, and diligent. Rooster and dog are mortal enemies. Rooster does not like the dependent nature of dog and how they favor maintaining a relationship over being practical. Dog does not like the proud nature of rooster and feels that rooster likes to brag too much. These two can never see eye to eye about the important things in life.

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