Year Of The Pig — Chinese Zodiac Personality

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Year Of The Pig — Chinese Zodiac Personality

The Year of the Pig celebrates the last of the twelve zodiac animals. The Pig Chinese zodiac sign has a personality that's joyful, loud, and carefree.

The Pig symbolizes good fortune and blessing: because of how carefree Pigs are, they promise a good and joyful life.

People born under the Pig sign are then usually very loud, happy, and lively.

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The Chinese Zodiac Calendar is a 12-year annual cycle represented by 12 zodiac animals.

The Pig, in Chinese culture, is associated with wealth. Golden Piggy banks can be found in nearly every convenience store, bank, and restaurant counter.

Born in the years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1071, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, people under the Pig zodiac sign know how to enjoy life.

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The Year of the Pig Chinese zodiac sign personality

You have a loud and bold personality: People born under the sign of the Pig have a big personality and are blessed with good fortune in life.

You are very carefree and know how to treat yourself: They enjoy life; if you are a Pig sign you love entertainment, and will frequently treat yourself. That might mean you are a little materialistic, but you work hard to have the wealth you have.

You are enthusiastic about everything! You are full of energy, and people love feeding off your energy. You are a joy in the workplace and can make any boring meeting or team project feel exciting and new. You will freely speak your mind, and crack jokes to make even the saddest in the room smile.

You're a little naive and idealistic. Pigs tend to be optimistic and gentle; you trust easily and are a little gullible, which runs you into frequent trouble with scammers.

This doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing, because sometimes it is nice to have people who believe the best in a person. However, it is important to reign yourself in sometimes, and not believe every word you hear.

People trust you immediately: While you yourself are too trusting, people always find you very trustworthy. Your easy-going nature and your infectious excitement make people happy. They appreciate how genuine you are, and are willing to believe you at your optimistic word.

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The Year of the Pig Chinese zodiac sign breaks down into elements.

What you might not know is that each zodiac, in addition to their animal counterparts, also has a corresponding element sign: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Pigs tend to find more resonance with fire and metal.

These elements tell more about the individual born under the Pig sign, as well as give more detailed observations about a person's future.

Metal Pigs are born in 1971 and 2031.

These Pigs are lazy and unmotivated, which runs them into trouble with their career. While the Pig’s natural financial luck gets them out of the bigger scrapes, this Pig has to learn to be careful with their financials for their entire life, or else one bad accident might waste away their good luck.

Water Pigs are born in 1983 and 2043.

In contrast to its other signs, water Pigs are responsible and serious — they will have a very successful marriage because they know how to communicate well with friends and family. They will have a good fortune, largely due to their big support system, and will retire with ample savings.

Wood Pigs are born in 1935 and 1995.

These Pigs are genuine and lovable. You know how to be happy without money, and that’s an incredible strength. Every day will feel trouble-free because you yourself are very easy-going. Wood Pigs will have plain, but smooth sailing relationships.

Fire Pigs are born in 1947 and 2007.

These Pigs are very dependent on others, often because they have grown up around money. If they go into jobs that revolve around cooperation and teamwork, there is a chance they might build a more solid foundation and work ethic. But, because of how dependent they are on other people, they will face rocky romantic relationships.

Earth Pigs are born in 1959 and 2019.

These Pigs are social butterflies and will have many friends. They will have a large support system, but will only find success later in life.

The myth behind The Pig in the Chinese zodiac calendar

In the Chinese zodiac calendar, the animal's position is, according to myth, determined by an ancient race.

The Jade Emperor said that the first twelve animals to reach him would get a spot in the zodiac cycle.

The Pig, coming in dead last, was not in any real rush. The stories differ, but some say he came to the Jade Emperor and said a wolf destroyed his house and needed to run errands to get the materials to fix it.

Another myth says the Pig simply overslept, and by the time he arrived could only take twelfth place.

Because of this, the Pig is seen associated with carefree joy but is also associated with sloth and indulgent extravagance. But, people tend to focus on the more positive aspects of the Pig; Chinese culture focuses more on the giving nature of the Pig and the promises of wealth it brings to its surroundings.

The Year of the Pig in Chinese Culture

The Pig features prominently in folktales that have a moral: often, the moral looks at how the Pig can represent good wealth and overindulgence at the same time.

The Pig is a warning against overindulgence. So despite the Pig’s unbridled joy, Chinese culture urges people to be cautious, and not to give in too entirely to extravagance.

There is a popular idiom that explains the Pig's origin.

One story states that Pigs stem from a young boy from an affluent family in ancient times — since the boy wasted away his life, he had mastered no craft, nor could he pay any of his servants.

The boy then complains to the King of the Underworld, and the king brings him to the Jade Emperor (the same one from the zodiac race) for judgment.

The Jade emperor grows enraged and says: “You were given everything, but made nothing of it. All your life you have been lazy and self-indulgent, so I will turn you into a Pig who eats chaff.”

The lesson is not so much to reject wealth, but to appreciate good fortune and to not be slothful.

Throughout China, people use the Pig to show their appreciation for wealth in many ways:

A popular dish served year-round is the siu-yuk, a Pig roasted over a charcoal fire. The Shen-Dzu or the “Holy Pig” is purposefully fattened to its greatest weight, so the best of its fat can be sacrificed to the local deity.

Another popular tradition is the “manyue." The "manyue" honors the first 30 days of someone’s life. When a couple gives birth to a newborn, guests would present the new family with Pigs’ feet as a symbol of gratitude and good luck.

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