7 Things To Do During Scorpio Season To Unlock Your Inner Magick

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Spanning from October 23 to November 21, Scorpio season is all about facing our deepest shadows and emotions, acknowledging the truths of the world (both harsh and pleasant), and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of transformation. It's the season ruled by Mars and Pluto, so don't be surprised if your sexual energy and obsession go through the roof along with your need for power.

Here's what to do during Scorpio season to unlock your inner magick.

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1. Carve pumpkins

Let's start with pumpkins since Halloween falls in the first third of Scorpio season. Did you know that they are considered an excellent tool for manifestation rituals? So grab the largest pumpkin you are comfortable wielding and scoop out its innards. You can carve motifs and symbols on the shell, too, to amplify your intentions. Then fix a white candle inside the pumpkin at its center. You can use multiple candles, just make sure you stick to one wish for each pumpkin.

2. Do shadow work

Scorpio isn't afraid of the dark — the abyss is its favorite haunt. So if there ever was a good time to meet your shadow self and understand who you truly are deep inside, Scorpio season is the one for you.

You will need your trusty journal for this. If you don't have one, buy something that makes you feel powerful and strong. The more beautiful, the better! Then use revelatory questions to find out what motivates you and why. There's a name for this practice called shadow work. And if it triggers a dark night of the soul, you will find your phoenix feathers soon enough.

3. Watch true crime and dark dramas

Scorpio energy is not afraid of the truth, especially the dark kind. And it loves to see the hidden side of human society so no one can pull the wool over their eyes. So, one of the best things you can do during Scorpio season is immerse yourself in the world of true crime and dark dramas and see the seedy underbelly for yourself. The dystopian genre has a strong Scorpio feel to it too, including zombie movies.

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4. Explore divination

Scorpio and occult go hand in hand. So if your tarot cards have been collecting dust for over a decade, now's the time to bring it out and dabble once more. From palmistry to astrology to crystal gazing, all forms of divination are welcome during Scorpio season. And don't be surprised if your intuitive gifts turn out to be strong. Scorpio season can do that for you, including revealing hidden psychic talents.

5. Dress to impress

Every season has its own style and fashion favorites. And Scorpio season is no different. However, here, the trends tend to be more dark and gothic with a touch of rebellious taboo. So dress to impress in whatever those words mean to you. And if you want to experiment with your underwear and lingerie, there's no better time than Scorpio season.

6. Try something new in the bedroom

Well, we had to get here eventually. Scorpio is too sexy a zodiac sign for this to not be on the list. So, whether you try this with your significant other or one handpicked on Tinder, Scorpio season is the time to try something new in the bedroom.

7. Embrace sensual self-care

Self-care never felt this good. Leave it to Scorpio season to make it sensual and amazing. From taking ritual baths with rose petals and essential oils to treating yourself to a full-body massage at your favorite spa, the options are endless and only limited by what makes you feel good. And if your self-care ideas appear taboo to others, well, it's none of their business. Scorpio does not judge.  

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