What Each Candle Color Means For Magic, Spirituality & Spells

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If you enjoy spirituality and magic, candles are one of the biggest staple items to have in your magic kit.

Candles are incredibly powerful as they can amplify and release energy, and can bring positive vibes, both unlit and lit, when making spells and performing rituals.

What is candle magic?

Candle magic can help you manifest whatever you want in life. That's because magic is driven by the element of fire which holds great power and represents transformation.

Fire is able to change everything it interacts with, and can therefore help in candle magic and performing spells that accelerate and provide positive transformation in your life.

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The act of lighting a candle is a ritual itself. Candles are used in magic and spiritual rituals as channels of communication with the spiritual realm. Candles can translate messages and open doors with ease to higher beings.

The color of a candle can attract different things, as certain colors have specific frequencies and types of energy. So, when you burn a candle, the goal is to harness the energy that specific color candle has.

Candle color symbolism is based on color therapy and psychology, the study of colors and what effect they have on our brains.

Candle Color Meanings

1. White Candles

White candles symbolize serenity and peace, and enhance personal strength and insight. This color candle will also banish negative energy and clear your mind so you can see truth and purity in the world.

2. Black Candles

Black candles open your third eye and promote psychic protection. This color has the power of repelling negative energy from outside sources.

3. Purple Candles

Purple candles promote spiritual enlightenment, tranquility and wisdom, as well as boost creativity.

4. Green Candles

Green candles help to amplify prosperity by making your ideas a reality and helping you foster creativity. This color also promotes fertility, abundance, health, success and luck.

5. Blue Candles

Blue candles help you connect with your chakras and aid in healing your emotional wounds. This color also promotes inspiration, happiness, fidelity, and open communication.

6. Yellow Candles

Yellow candles enhance your social and networking skills by promoting new career opportunities, and helping you manifest thoughts, confidence and mental clarity.

7. Red Candles

Just like the color red symbolizes passion and attraction, red candles promote sex, passion, love, energy, lust, relationships, vitality and courage.

8. Pink Candles

Pink candles welcome romance and love into your life, for both yourself and others. This color also promotes joy, friendship and harmony.

9. Orange Candles

Orange candles revitalizes your ambition, and helps you stay motivated by expanding your worldview and experiencing new things.

10. Brown Candles

Brown candles promote health, energy, courage, and endurance — all important aspects of life that relate to your spirit.

11. Silver Candles

Silver candles help you embrace your feminine energy, and aid in the development of psychic abilities.

12. Gold Candles

Gold candles help you embrace your masculine energy, as well as your spiritual development.

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How to Use Candles for Healing

No matter what ailment you may suffer from, burning certain colored candles can help you with healing you may need, including for anxiety, depression and insomnia. Colored candles can help with a range of physical and mental ailments:

Allergies: Violet candle

Anxiety: Pink candle

Colds: Green candle

Depression: Orange candle

Sleep deprivation: Blue candle

Headaches: Green candle

Insomnia: Blue candle

Indigestion: Yellow candle

Fever: Blue candle

Diabetes: Yellow candle

How to Use Candles for Manifestation

Candles are powerful tools used for manifestation, and the color of the candle you use for manifesting is essential.

When envisioning something you desire, you must speak it out loud, telling the universe what it is you actually want. Candle colors also matter based on your intention, which might require taking a bath or using essential oils on the wax of the candle.

To use a candle for manifestation, light your candle of choice and state out loud what you desire, as well as your goals and dreams. The candle's energy will help you figure out what you must do to make your desires a reality.

When manifesting, you need to be specific but also realistic, positive and kind. Speak out loud in single sentences, such as “I will find love this year" or "Good luck will come my way."

You can also use multiple candles; for example, using pink and orange candles together can help you manifest healing for anxiety or depression. Or, if you want to create passion or love, use pink and red candles.

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