What Your Mercury Sign Reveals About Your Inner Child

Mercury is the planet of the mind, providing insight into the nature of your inner child.

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The position of Mercury in your birth chart can reveal a lot about you. Namely, how you think, what brings you joy intellectually, your sense of humor and even the nature of your inner child. Of course, both the Mercury sign and house placement play into this, but major astrological aspects between Mercury and other planets, angles, or asteroids also have an impact on how you come across to the world in the intellectual arena.


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What your Mercury sign reveals about your inner child

Mercury in Aries

When you have Mercury in Aries, your inner child always wants to be the first at everything. The first to be recognized by the parents, the first to receive gifts and treats, the first to get married to the love of their life, and definitely the first to win in each and every competition. Since Mercury rules the mind, you use your intellect and intelligence to get to the front and be the first. And you are not shy about it.


Mercury in Taurus

When you have Mercury in Taurus, your inner child is a lovable sweetheart who only wants to be ensconced in comfort and treated with love and care by everyone in the world. You also care about your appearance and how you come across to people. You may not be considered a genius, but once you understand the workings of something, you retain that knowledge for the rest of your life.

Mercury in Gemini

When you have Mercury in Gemini, your inner child is a lightning orb straight out of some science fiction universe, zipping from one place to the next, one idea to the next. Your mind moves so fast sometimes that you can leave others behind in the dust... and then laugh at how slow they are. Jokes of all kinds are your thing, especially practical jokes and witticisms.

Mercury in Cancer

When you have Mercury in Cancer, your inner child is a sensitive one. You can pick up on the unspoken things and the hidden messages between the lines, whether people want you to be aware of them or not. It's difficult for people to lie to you and some may hate you for it. You come across as shy because you like to feel around first and observe a person and situation before you dip your toes in. Your intelligence is extremely intuitive and often has a psychic feel to it.

Mercury in Leo

When you have Mercury in Leo, your inner child craves the spotlight like no other. In fact, it will fight Aries Mercury for the right to be first and then throw a massive tantrum if they do not get their way. Unlike Aries though, you don't let go of your goals easily and keep trying until you secure true victory. You love setting trends and expressing your opinions about everything under the sun, because why not?


Mercury in Virgo

When you have Mercury in Virgo, your inner child is extremely curious about the world around you. You don't discriminate when it comes to subjects. From physics to metaphysics, biology to alien speculation, hard science to works of human imagination, you live and breathe to learn, see and experience more in your quiet and perceptive way. You are the genius who does not like to show off that they are a genius. And so you tend to get ahead of others since they don't see you as a threat and may not even know you are there most of the time. If you ever wanted to understand why Mercury rules Virgo, here's why.

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Mercury in Libra

When you have Mercury in Libra, your inner child is the sweet social butterfly everyone wants a piece of. The good ones want to be your friend, introduce you to their friends, have fun together and pick your mind because it's a cauldron of creativity. The bad ones want to get something out of you, whether it's the right to call you their trophy or conquest or the permission to benefit from your massive popularity in some way. You, on the other hand, know exactly why you interact with certain people and forgo some connections. That's the intelligence of Mercury in Libra at play. And because of it, you can turn away people without them thinking badly of you.

Mercury in Scorpio

When you have Mercury in Scorpio, your inner child is not very childlike. It can understand things that others find hard to grasp, including the realities of life that many would brush under the rug or pretend as non-existent. Some of you may even have supernatural abilities without realizing it, like clairaudience or the ability to communicate with ghosts. You are a born detective. You always find the heart of the matter when given enough time.


Mercury in Sagittarius

When you have Mercury in Sagittarius, your inner child is restless and craves adventure like no other. You can talk to anyone in the world and learn their life stories without judgment, whether it's a grocery shop bagger, an executive of a Fortune 500 company or a random hiker you meet on the road. You are also able to recollect facts and stories at the drop of a hat, and some of you are incredible storytellers.

Mercury in Capricorn

When you have Mercury in Capricorn, your inner child does not care to be a follower. You always want the leader's role. And you are good at holding that place of power too. You can easily convince people to your cause and negotiate with them in a way that is win-win for everyone, more so you. You also like strategy games and activities that allow you to build things, whether it's with Lego, Minecraft or Dungeons & Dragons.

Mercury in Aquarius

When you have Mercury in Aquarius, your inner child is a bonafide rebel. You don't care what anyone thinks of you. You march at the beat of your own drum. You also make friends with just about anyone, from any walk of life and you are never judgmental when you interact with them. You love to discuss ideas and think about innovations that can change the world. Your tastes can be out of the ordinary too, whether in music, clothing, or otherwise.

Mercury in Pisces

When you have Mercury in Pisces, your inner child is an artist. You can see the world in ways that others don't understand. Some of you have psychic or supernatural abilities (maybe even synesthesia) and use those regularly in your everyday life without realizing it. Sometimes you come across as a fairy that has dropped onto Earth. Other times you understand people so thoroughly that it scares them — as if you have stolen their soul and x-rayed it.


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