7 Venus Placements That Struggle The Most With Finding True Love

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In astrology, your Venus placement can reflect how your relationship with yourself and others plays out. Venus in each sign and house has it positive and negative traits, but according to certified hellenistic astrologer Ivy Underwood, some Venus placements "struggle with love" more than others.



It's important to keep in mind that no birth chart placements should be construed as ‘bad,’ since each sign has its own energy, which may differ from others. Love comes more easily to some than others and some just become committed or marry later than others. What is ‘bad’ to one person may be appealing to another. Having Venus in one of these signs, houses or retrograde does not mean you will never find love, and you should never allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

7 Venus placements that struggle the most with finding true love

1. Venus retrograde in any sign

Venus is the planet of love, money and beauty. When Venus is affected or afflicted in the case of a retrograde Venus, all of these issues may be affected. Love is seldom easy for someone with a retrograde Venus. In terms of love, when this planet is retrograde it often makes finding and keeping love more difficult than others whose Venus is direct.



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Approximately 1 out of every 10 people are born with a retrograde Venus. This person will have an unusual nature when it comes to love and may face challenges others don’t. What is considered ‘normal’ often doesn’t work for these individuals and they tend to march to the beat of their own drummer as opposed to society’s norms. Eventually, these people learn they must not only find their own truth, but be true to their own values even if it causes conflict with what is considered ‘normal.’

Venus retrograde individuals are often shy in early life for a variety of reasons that can include abuse, feeling unloved in childhood, insecurity or feeling they are undeserving for some reason.

Venus retrograde has a deep feeling nature, often deeper than those with a direct Venus, and they can be very attractive or beautiful individuals. In spite of this, feelings of insecurity or not being attractive enough are not uncommon. Due to their many frustrations (some of them self imposed), many with a retrograde Venus marry later or don’t find an ideal partner until later in life when they have been through enough experiences to learn what will actually work for them personally.

2. Venus in Aries

Aries Venus can fall in love quickly before they have actually taken the time to get to know who they are in love with. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and often referred to as the ‘God of War.’ Venus in Aries is considered ‘at its detriment’ in Aries, which means it doesn’t operate as well in this sign as it does some of the others.



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3. Venus in Virgo

Venus in this sign is considered ‘at its fall.’ Like Venus in Aries, Venus in Virgo does not operate as well in this sign as some of the others.



Venus in Virgo individuals are known for being somewhat picky and critical of themselves and others which can contribute to the problem. On the inside, however, they aren’t being difficult, they simply have a drive for finding the one they consider their perfect match, and yet they must pick their lovers from the human race.

They value hard work and practicality when it comes to love. Venus in Virgo women do not like feeling possessed by their partner.

4. Venus in the 8th house

The eighth house in the natal chart rules sex and intimacy, regeneration and death and gives a very intense personality that may led to issues of trust, possessiveness and jealousy.



Since the eighth house is also connected to a partner’s money, the native sometimes stay in a relationship for financial reasons or because for one reason or another they feel they have to.

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5. Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio is considered ‘at its detriment’ in Scorpio, like Aries, which means the energy is not expressed as easily as it is with Venus in other signs. Venus in this sign can make one possessive and/or envious which can lead to less than nice behavior at times.



This sign does not like their privacy invaded and yet are determined to know everything going on in their partner’s life, which violates the partner’s right to privacy. This individual loves in a very intense way, which some people may find hard to deal with, especially when they become jealous and revengeful.

6. Venus in the 12th house

Venus in this house brings a certain depth as well as complexity to this person’s love life.



These individuals can be hurt quite easily and are not always aware of proper boundaries. Sometimes people with this placement have ‘secret’ loves for one reason or another but typically because their partner is involved or married to someone else. They also like to spend a great deal of time alone as opposed to being partnered.

7. Sun conjunct Venus in any sign

When the Sun conjuncts Venus or any other planet it is said to be combust, which means the Sun ‘burns up’ the energy of any other planet that is close. Venus brings grace, beauty and charm and if it is combust, some of these traits get overshadowed which can lead to various challenges in the love life.

That said, those born with Venus conjunct their Sun are generally very attractive people, and Sun-Venus still has its charms.

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