What It Means If You Were Born During Venus Retrograde

Venus goes retrograde for 40 days every 18 months, and those born during these periods have unique personality traits.

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Retrograde planets in the natal chart are common.

Mercury is one of the fastest-moving planets, so we have several Mercury retrograde periods during the year (usually around 4), meaning it's fairly common to be born during Mercury retrograde. Natal Venus retrograde, on the other hand, is rarer.

Venus retrograde occurs every 18 months and lasts only 40 days, so having this in the chart can be quite interesting since it is not as common. Nevertheless, having this planet retrograde shows someone very much in touch with the Venusian themes. They tend to be creative, value themselves, and can be hopeless romantics.


What it means if you were born during Venus retrograde

Being born during Venus Retrograde shows someone that will know how to analyze partnerships a lot more than the typical person. Channeling their energy into something they love (art, books, education, etc.) will help them to mirror the energy into their relationships. Someone with Venus retrograde in the natal chart will know how to value themselves, especially in relationships.

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There is a level of awareness in the Venus retrograde native filled with wisdom, most likely achieved through their past karmic experiences. The level of understanding tied to Venus gives the native an advantage in relationships. They know what they want, they are not as attached to their partner and they will think twice before giving into emotions. Venus here is in control and empowered. But only someone worthy can see their passionate side.

To see whether your natal Venus placement is retrograde, a free natal chart generator will show you.

Natal Venus retrograde traits


Imaginative and unique, these people know how to capture others’ attention by creating art. Venus rules creativity and the native will not be afraid to show others their works of art.


It could be tough for them to express this to their partner at first, but the Venus retrograde native is passionate. Their love is like a hidden star, you have to be patient and appreciate their kindness and beauty. They will continue to grow brighter when they know they have discovered the one that can see them in their true form.


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Student of love

Having Venus retrograde shows someone who will use their previous relationships as a learning experience to apply the lessons in future relationships. Romance can be thrilling to them because they enjoy being swept away by love. 

The Venus retrograde native is learning to value and put themselves first. Through each experience, they learn that romance does not define them. The evolved Venus retrograde native will easily enjoy pursuing love through other paths, such as learning and focusing on their hobbies or other things that fulfill them.


The unevolved Venus will need a partnership to feel complete while the evolved Venus retrograde will take their time to commit. When Venus commits, they want to protect and be someone that their partner can rely on. The native reserves their love for someone who they deem worthy.


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