The Sneaky Way Combust Planets Sabotage You, According To Astrology

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Let me just start by saying, no, a combust planet doesn’t mean it’s exploding.

When planets are in combust in astrology, it’s actually more complex than that.

What is a combust planet in astrology?

A combust planet in astrology is one that gets too close to the Sun in its orbit, causing the planet to lose some of its strength and influence as the Sun's energy takes over.

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How does this happen?

As you know, planets move in space. When it comes to astrology, where the planets are stationed play a big role.

As the planets move along their ecliptic, their longitudinal degree from the Sun fluctuates. As they get closer to the Sun, the positive qualities that each planet brings weaken. Combust planets can often feel the way it feels when a planet is retrograde.

Each planet combusts at a certain degree.

A planet can be combust in the natal chart and also becomes combust along its regular ecliptic, with the effects of the weakened planets ultimately affecting us depending on the house the planet is in, whether or not it's your chart ruler or dominant planet, and the planet's placement in your natal chart, among other things.

Effects of combust planets in astrology

Combust Mercury: 14 degrees (12 degrees when retrograde)

This is the planet of logical thinking and quick decision-making, so when it combusts, it can become very difficult to make decisions.

Your mind becomes lazy and slow and it can be hard to decide on anything you want to have or do.

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Combust Venus: 10 degrees (8 degrees when retrograde)

The second planet from the Sun represents the finer things in life, like luxury cars or romantic excursions.

When it combusts, you lose those things. You might crash that car, or your marriage that’s seemed perfect may suddenly turn nasty, maybe even resulting in a divorce. Anything nice becomes rotten.

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Combust Moon: 12 degrees

True, the moon is not a planet. But in astrology, just like all the other objects floating around in space, it has a role to play, too.

In this case, the moon represents emotions, so when it combusts, your mind darkens. You’ll feel more angry than usual.

In essence, the moon getting close to the Sun makes your mind hot, which means anger.

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Combust Mars: 17 degrees

This is the planet that represents drive and energy, so when it combusts, you sort of lose the self-control that allowed you to keep pushing forward.

Your motivation goes out the window and you become very lazy. Any willpower you had will dissipate and you won’t feel like doing anything.

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Combust Jupiter: 11 degrees

The biggest gas giant of the solar system is just as big a factor in astrology. Specifically, though, this planet rules over money-related things like savings or investments.

So when it combusts, you’ll find it’s very difficult to save money and investments may not pan out like how you thought.

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Combust Saturn: 15 degrees

This last one can already be a planet of hardship, but it’s meant to filter that hardship into refinement.

However, when you take something that’s already a little negative and make it worse, it results in problems with careers and health.

You’ll end up in constant arguments with your bosses and you’ll have health issues you never had before, especially at a young age.

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